How To Make A Marketing Video Tutorial

how to make a marketing video step tutorial production

There is no doubt about it: video content is king if you are a marketer or business owner in today’s digital day and age. Consumers now spend one-third of their time on the internet watching videos in the modern era! From viral cat videos to thought-provoking motivational films, we can’t get enough vids.

It is essential that businesses tap into that consumer demand by producing a high-quality marketing video and you can generate awareness, build your brand, attract leads, and drive sales all at once! Want some help with the task of producing profitable marketing videos? Check out our simple tutorial on how to make a marketing video that work well for business branding and advertising.

Prepare For Video Production

Failing to plan is planning to fail, right? Keep that adage in mind as you begin the for the video production process. You are guaranteed a better outcome and a smoother ride if you plan the stages of video production as much as possible beforehand.

Start by assessing your goals for the video. You might be trying to showcase a new product, showcase your origin story, tell people your values, or build rapport with your audience. From there, you can establish a storyboard and/or script that does justice to the aim.

Gather Feedback On Video Prep Work

The next step is to ask for feedback on that script or storyboard! Give it to your team (or a sample of your target audience) to go through. You can then ask for constructive criticism to inform a new and improved second draft. Another advantage of sharing your plan with the team is that it keeps everyone involved and on the same page. That is a big deal if you are working to a deadline.

Be Unique And On-Brand

The internet is saturated with video content. The result? You need to create something that stands out, stops people as they scroll through their feeds, and is ultimately worth watching!

In this way, it is imperative to consider your brand identity throughout the production process. Reflect on what a) sets you apart from the competition and b) you are known for in the industry. Build your personality into your visual content and you will be ten times more likely to create a compelling, memorable, and shareable video.

Be Practical With Your Marketing Video

Ready to move from planning to production? It is time for the fun to begin. Here are a few practical considerations on how to make a marketing video:

Balance Information And Entertainment

Don’t just go or the hard sell in your marketing video. Make sure you include enough information to educate someone on your product or service. However, be sure to keep things light, digestible, and fun to watch!

Remember The Storyline

People love being told a story, so be sure to write a high-quality script! This might involve making a video series instead of one long clip; build the story as you go.

Think Like A Pro

For best results, you need to film in good lighting, with microphones (if people are talking) and using a tripod. A pro video camera isn’t essential, but try to use better-quality equipment wherever possible.

The Title Is Everything

Don’t forget to write a compelling title! This is what will attract would-be viewers’ attention and get them to click play. Combine it with an attractive thumbnail for even better results.

Now You Know How To Make A Marketing Video

Are you thinking of experimenting with the benefits of video marketing? We don’t blame you after now knowing the profitable power of video marketing! It is really a no-brainer for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to build up their brand online at low cost.

This medium is insanely popular right now and holds incredible business potential. With any luck, the ideas on how to make a marketing video in this post will help you capitalize on it! So start producing now and keep the videos coming!

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