How To Market A Home Renovation Business To Divorcees

how to market home renovation business to divorcees renovate more divorced women's houses

As marketer Tyler Smith points out, making divorce a component of your marketing plan carries with it a certain sleazy component unless you work as a divorce attorney. However, people undergoing a divorce may need your renovation services more than others because they want to maximize the sale value of their homes quickly. They need quick, high-quality renovations so they can sell the house and split the profits in the divorce.

Every 36 seconds, a couple divorces, so it makes sense to target that demographic, but using the term divorce in your ads can lose you sales. Here is how to effectively communicate the services your business offers to the demographic of divorced women that needs them the most.

Avoid Mentioning Divorce In Your Advertising

Describe the situation of people who typically hire your renovation company. For example, “Do you need to renovate a home you co-own with another person so you can re-sell it quickly for a profit?” That phrasing never says the word divorce, but it accurately describes the situation of a couple who needs to sell quickly for maximum profit. You only intimate that they will split the money or why when divorcing or after the divorce process.

Create Working Relationships With Divorce Attorneys And Insurance Agents

Build healthy working relationships with divorce attorneys in your area. Agree to mutually recommend one another’s businesses. Each individual in the couple hires an attorney. That doubles your chances of getting recommended for a renovation job. Lawyers regularly recommend the services of others to their clients, including private investigators, building contractors, forensic accountants, and Realtors.

About 93% of homeowners purchase a home insurance policy, so they discuss their home with their insurance agent. Many insurance companies offer a database of contractors that work regularly with their company on repair estimates and repairs. These contractors also work on renovations. When you get your company on these lists, you increase the amount of work you get from those divorcing and those staying together.

Create Maintenance Packages And Advertise Them

Homes need annual maintenance, but new homeowners don’t know how to maintain their houses. Annual maintenance typically costs an average of 1% to 4% of the home’s value. When you create a package that covers the basics, you pick up clients who want an easy button for keeping their homes nice. Base the packages on square footage and include:

● Security system, smoke, and carbon monoxide detector tests

● Fire extinguishers checks

● Furnace filter replacements

● Inspect and clean vents

● Range hood filter, dishwasher drain filter, garbage disposal cleaning

● Examine sink drains and clean or unclog

● Inspect plumbing and hot water heater for leaks

● Inspect the basement, attic, and/or crawlspace

These items take little time for a professional to accomplish, but homeowners don’t know how to perform some tasks, nor can they make maintenance repairs to a sink or water heater. These inclusive packages get your company easy work all year long, and your company becomes the first one that comes to mind when the divorcing homeowners need someone to do renovations. When they divorce, you will probably end up with two clients since each new household will still need the maintenance package.

Advertise Services, Not Segments

In marketing, a segment refers to a portion of your overall target audience. In this case, people undergoing divorce or recent divorcees comprise the segment. Although you want their business, your ads should focus on the services they would need, not their impending or recent divorce.

Focus your ads on your high-quality renovations, your quick turnaround, and the top renovation jobs you do that result in the biggest payback at resale. That means focusing ads on bathroom and kitchen remodeling, renovating to increase living space, and finishing a basement or attic to add a bedroom or bathroom. Divorced women love new modern kitchens and bathrooms.


You can pick up many renovation jobs from those undergoing a divorce because they need your services. Advertise your speed and how they can maximize their home’s value at resale for the best property profit results.