How To Save Space In Your Living Room Without Compromising Functionality

how to save space living room maintain functionality

Creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living room can often mean compromising on some of the room’s functionality. Adding furniture, décor, and accessories takes up space and can create clutter in your living area, meaning practicality takes a back seat.

However, don’t lose hope! There are plenty of ways to decorate your living room and save space without compromising the functionality and useability of the room so you can use it for your home business and leisurely activities.

You might need to spend time moving things around to discover the most practical layout for your living room or even replace some of your existing furniture pieces to make things work.

Below, we have covered some top tips for maximizing the use of space in your living room without reducing its functionality or style.

Choose a Pull-Out Sectional Sofa

A pull-out sectional sofa enables you to enjoy ultimate comfort in your living room for relaxing weekday evenings and weekends. Unlike a traditional sofa, a sectional looks more casual and cozier, making your living room look inviting.

Due to their enhanced comfort and style, you often don’t need to purchase additional seating when you have a pull-out sectional sofa in your living room. As a result, you can save floor space or use this saved space to accessorize the room while still accommodating the whole family plus guests.

Many pull-out sectional sofas also contain a pull-out mattress that you can use when needed and fold away when not in use. This is the perfect solution if you often have overnight guests but don’t have a spare bed and don’t want to pump up an inflatable mattress every time.

Choose Practical Accessories

As cute and quirky as placing ornaments and random knick-knacks around your living room can be, this isn’t always the best way to decorate if you are trying to be efficient with space. Choosing functional accessories is a much better option to maximize your living room’s space, useability, and style.

Consider getting smart home devices that make your life easier and streamline daily tasks. Smart home devices look sleek and smart in the living room but also serve a purpose. If you enjoy random accessories, stick to just one or two statement pieces that won’t take up too much room.

Use Wall Art To Decorate

You can hang artwork on the walls to decorate your living room area without reducing floor space. Consider purchasing a set of matching paintings to place around the room or a single, larger piece of eye-catching artwork to sit above your fireplace.

There is also the option of hanging a mural on the wall to add character, depth, and color to your living room without compromising space or functionality. Wall murals come in all sizes and design, so you won’t struggle to find one that aligns with your existing interior design. You can get wall murals with the New York skyline, animal-themed murals, or ones with simpler, minimalistic designs.