How to Sell Beanie Babies: Beginner Guide

how to sell beanie babies beginner guide collectible sale

Are you aware that the most valuable Beanie Baby in the world is worth half a million dollars? While you may not have a Princess the Bear in your collection, even less rare babies are worth a lot of money. You can make a comfortable side hustle from buying and selling collectibles like Ty Beanie Babies them if you know how to sell smart. 

Below, we have our top tips to help you along with your Beanie Baby selling side gig. Read on for our must-know guide on how to sell Beanie Babies for beginners. 

Where to Sell Beanie Babies

You can choose to sell your Beanie Babies locally, through listings and marketplaces. However, you will get more exposure and increase your chances of selling rare Beanie Babies if you target collectors online. 

These can be found using auction sites such as eBay. Make sure you list the items correctly, as you may face questions or returns. These can be very troublesome, even if you have the best of intent. 

If you do not want the trouble of auction sites and are considering where to sell, look for dedicated Beanie Babies sites. You may not know it, but some sites even buy them in bulk or wholesale. If you have some rare ones, they are also sure to give you a price that reflects their scarcity. 

How to Sell Beanie Babies

Whenever or wherever you list a Beanie Baby, you need to provide accurate listings of the product. This is because there are many variations in the products, some of which may be valuable Beanie Babies while some may not be so. The condition can also vastly impact the price. 

Start by providing the full name of the Beanie Baby. If you do not have it, then search online to find the model. Next, describe the condition in exact detail, noting the stitching and any tears or discoloration. 

After this, write down any extra information you have discovered about the Beanie Baby. Perhaps it is one of the rare Beanie Babies. Letting people know makes it more attractive to buy and you can command a higher price. 

Timing Your Sale

Beanie Babies can be sold at any time of year. Popular Beanie Babies have such an audience that they will always attract the attention of hardcore and casual collectors, meaning you always have a market. However, certain times of the year can optimize your sale price or chances of selling. 

Ideally, you should match the type of Beanie Baby to the current time. For example, Christmas ones should be sold before the holiday period, in November and December. Valentine’s day ones should be sold in late January and early February.

You can also time them to coincide with major events. If they are sports team themed, they may fetch more during seasons. If they are political, they may fetch more during election time. 

Shop Around

Now you know how to sell Beanie Babies, start to shop around for buying and selling them online. Become part of communities and social media groups. Not only will you learn, but you may also be able to get better offers and prices. 

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