How To Start A Moving Company

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At a time when the world is reeling from the effects of a global health pandemic and businesses are folding left, right and center, starting a business might not sound like the savviest idea.

However, the truth of the matter is that the world doesn’t have to stop – nor do you have to halt your plans, especially ones to do with that business idea you have been holding off for some time.

Well, things might pause temporarily – as we have witnessed from recent global events – but at some point, a bounce-back is but inevitable.

So, if you were contemplating starting a moving company, don’t lose heart. The economy will always have its highs and lows. When the circumstances might not be looking rosy to launch, the best you can do in the meantime is go back to your plan and recalibrate as necessary.

That way, when things start looking up, you can confidently press ahead without the handbrake on.

Question is, how do you start a profitable moving company?

Here is a quick lowdown on the things you need to keep in mind.

Develop A Concrete Business Plan

Every established Brooklyn moving company or mover you see in other cities started out as an idea. But ideas in themselves are just that: abstract.

Realizing that idea will involve following a clear plan of action, and that roadmap needs to be laid out in a business plan that addresses every single aspect of the company.

A business plan is at the heart of it all. It is the foundation which will help you in making decisions touching on budget and resource allocation, growing and marketing the business, developing strategies and identifying market opportunities (and threats), dealing with the competition, you name it.

Comply With Moving And Transportation Requirements & Permits

Unless you intend to be operating as a briefcase outfit – of which you shouldn’t expect to thrive – it is important to understand and comply with all the legal requirements governing moving companies.

A good place to start is with your local state regulatory authority. Do your due diligence to know what is expected of you and all the legal documents you need to secure.

At the very least, you need to register your company and get a license from the USDOT, as well as acquire all the permits necessary for the legalization of the business. The idea is to operate legally as a legit company that customers don’t have reservations over.

Get Moving And Transportation Insurance

Every business needs some form of insurance or the other. For moving companies, you need to have the coverage in place for cargo, as well as cover for business assets such as vans and trucks.

Insurance requirements for movers vary from state to state so confirm this with your state authority or insurance agent first.

Invest In Moving Equipment

This is where most of your outlay will be directed. If you have enough capital, then go ahead and invest in a good truck that should prove a great asset moving forward.

If the budget doesn’t allow, you can always start by renting one – or buying a van or smaller truck.

Promote The Business

With all the paperwork and registration sorted out and moving equipment and other resources secured, that is a good starting point.

Next, embark on a promotion campaign to get your name out there. The company name and logo will be key to your branding efforts, so choose them wisely.

Then set up everything from your digital footprint (website and social media) to offline marketing avenues, including promotional materials like t-shirts etc.

Make A Move

When you finally roll out operations, don’t forget that despite all the best marketing in the world, what will ultimately determine your success as a moving company is the experience you offer your customers.

Value them and they will make for great brand advocates for your new moving company. Then you will moving up in the business world!