The 10 Commandments Of Network Marketing

10 commandments MLM network marketing golden rules

Network Marketing is making a huge comeback due to economic uncertainty and because a lot of people are seeking ways to become a home based entrepreneur and be their own boss. Everyone wants to fire their old boss and ditch the dreary 9-5 that is slowly squeezing the life out of them.

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Starting On Your Network Marketing Journey

It is very important when becoming a multi-level marketing (MLM) distributor for the first time in network marketing to follow simple, easy to understand steps to launch your home-based business the right way. Below are the easy steps to follow when starting out in MLM business.

The Golden Rules And Steps To Starting An MLM Business Correctly

Ask yourself seriously why you are joining network marketing. This will be what drives you in becoming successful in MLM.

Take the product when it arrives. Feel its benefits and create your personal story around it.

Connect with the person who introduced you to the company.

Decide on a network marketing plan of action together.

Listen in on corporate training and testimonial calls to hear other people tell their story.

Begin to learn the skills necessary to run a successful network marketing business, starting with “Inviting.”

Decide to promote offline or online.

Master one platform, then add a new one. List 10 “Leader-type” people you know who you want to work with.

Prospect them. Recommend the product to people, like you would recommend a great movie.

Or you can promote the business as a “business opportunity,” as supplemental and residual income.

Grab your personal website links the company provides, the “tool”, and start promoting your business.

The more you simplify network marketing, the easier it will be for you to show others how to develop their business.

Network marketing is about duplication, and the quicker your team gets on the same page, the quicker your organization will grow and that means higher income for you.

Network marketing blogging is one of the best ways to generate lucrative leads for your network marketing business. Business blogging brings in big ROI if you do it right.

MLM blogging is not a quick path and it takes a lot of consistent effort to get it a good amount of traffic. But once it does get good traffic and lead generation is awesome and a 24/7 strategy.

Top MLM bloggers have a higher chance of success in this growing and increasingly competitive industry. The best MLMers have blogs with hundreds of thousands of articles, or they have the same number of YouTube videos on their channel.

The 10 Commandments Of MLM

The ten Commandments of MLM is a list of things that network marketers, who want to succeed, should abide by. These 10 commandments are almost like a code of ethics for network marketers and MLM distributors. Here are the official 10 commandments of network marketing:

Thou shall not rely on “get-rich-quick” schemes, or jump from company to company on hopes of easy profit…

Thou shall not rely on two family members or friends in the hopes of earning millions in MLM…

Thou shall not seek gossip of thy network marketing company or that of another…

Thou shall overcome thee objections of others who are ignorant, and never quit out of despair…

Thou shall not poison the downline with concerns, negativity, or gossip.

Thou shall learn the proper techniques for inviting, objection handling, prospecting and closing.

Thou shall be completely responsible for his or her success in network marketing…

Thou shall enrich oneself in self-discovery through acquiring the knowledge of success, mindfulness and leadership.

Thou shall empower others to fulfill their dreams through the network marketing business model…

Thou shall reap the full potential of life through MLM and leave behind an inheritable legacy for our grandchildren.

These network marketing commandments cover not only what to prepare for in the beginning, but also the ultimate reward at the end of MLM success. Please share these MLM commandments and golden rules with your downline and upline teams, for these steps will ultimately free the network marketer from limited business beliefs.

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