How To Stay Confident Pitching To Intimidating Investors

how to stay confident pitching to intimidating investors pitch vc firms

You can prepare yourself to pitch to potential investors. You want to impress them and eventually receive funding. The problem is that they are picky. Investors don’t give out money to anyone with a business idea. They are cautious since they want their money to grow. It is an investment, after all, and investing means risk.

Confidence Is Crucial

While pitching to investors, you might feel a bit intimidated. There are times when they look scary since they rarely smile. Others don’t even seem to care and look bored during a pitch. If faced with these investors, here are some tips for surviving the pitch.

Don’t Conclude Based On What You See

Avoid assuming things based on facial reactions and body gestures. They don’t mean anything. You might even get distracted. Just because the person looks bored doesn’t mean it is true. Focus on the presentation and stop analyzing people. Think about how you can get through the pitch and win them over.

Prepare What To Say

You have a chance to think about every detail of the presentation. Make the most of it. Research the information to present and provide sources. Write an outline and keep a note with you. It serves as a guide to prevent being at a loss of words. Preparing for the pitch will also help you focus on the business ideas. You can’t make things up on the spot.

A part of the preparation is the question and answer session. Expect these investors to ask questions about every detail. If you can’t answer, it might endanger your chances of getting the investment. Take it easy and absorb the questions before responding. If you don’t know the answer yet, be honest.

Be At The Venue Early

If you choose to invite your investors to come over, prepare the meeting room. Arrive early to check the equipment and fix the place. It also helps if you consider using a projector mount from reputable suppliers like It makes the presentation more interesting. You will also feel the environment before pitching ideas. It allows you to stay calm and collected.

Talk To Your Employees

While you understand the business ideas, your team might also contribute something. Take time to talk to them and discuss the details. If you’re unfamiliar with some aspects of the presentation, ask them. You are a team, and you will survive this challenge together. You can even present the ideas to the investors with another person in your group. The pitch will be more substantial and more convincing.

Forget About The Results For A While

Sure, the goal is to convince the investors to spend money on your ideas. However, you can’t obsess about it. Try to forget the results for a while and focus on the presentation. If things end well, you will receive the funds. If you get distracted by projecting the outcome, you won’t have a good presentation.

Fill The Room With Optimism

You can’t change how the investors look. If they seem scary, it is beyond your control. However, you can control what you feel. If you want to be positive, fill the room with optimism. Smile and feel confident. It doesn’t matter if the investors don’t have the same response. You don’t want your mood to get ruined because of other people, but still try to read the room at least a little bit. Just be sure to walk the line between confidence and arrogance, along with a balance between optimism and realism during your pitching process.

Pitch Perfect

Hopefully, you will succeed in winning them over with your perfect pitch, and the results become favourable. As a new startup or growing company, you will need a steady supply of investment capital to keep up with the competition. Remember that confidence is critical! Good luck on pitching perfectly!