How to Throw the Best Neon Party Ever

how to throw best neon party highlighter blacklight fiesta

Did you know that the black light invention is credited to William Byler who invented it in 1935? If you are thinking of throwing a glow-in-the-dark party or a fun neon party we have put together this short guide to share some top tips when planning out your party. 

Keep reading to gather some neon party ideas that will enhance your next gathering. These tips will really highlight your next fun fiesta!

1. Gather Black Lights 

Usually, the first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking of a neon party is black lights. These lights will give a fluorescent glow to clothing and decorations that are brightly colored or white.

Using black lights along with custom neon signs will level up your party. Feel free to check this out for some fun neon sign ideas. 

2. Glow Sticks for the Win

Something else that you need to buy are a ton of glow sticks. These will provide hours of glow time once your guests activate them. You can find wearable glow sticks that are shaped like bracelets, necklaces, crowns, etc. 

These are perfect to hand out as your guests come in or have a table set up where people can go grab their favorite wearable glow sticks. 

3. Body Paint

Glow in the dark body paint is something else that you can offer your guests to add to their neon party outfit. You can allow guests to paint whatever they want on any body parts they have exposed and paint yourself with something fun and creative. 

4. Location

It is best to set up your neon party in a dark room such as a shed, garage, or lounge room, or an area that has little natural light. You can also opt to have an outdoor neon party as long as there are not a lot of light fixtures ruining the effects of the black lights. 

Take the moonlight into consideration when planning your neon party outdoors. 

5. Theme Ideas

If you want to have a neon theme party to add an extra level of fun you can get creative. You can opt to throw a 60’s party with a peace and love theme or you can throw a neon disco-themed party. 

Another theme idea is an 80s neon party where guests come dressed in spandex and leg warmers. If you are throwing your party around Halloween time then you can throw a Halloween theme party. 

6. Food Ideas

You can’t throw a party without some food to at least munch on and believe it or not, there are certain foods that will glow best under black lights. Vanilla milkshakes will glow great under black lights because of their white color. If you are throwing an adult party then you can mix in a little Bailey’s or Kahlua into each milkshake. 

Mustard on a hot dog glows nice and bright. You can opt to serve hot dogs which are easy party food and squirt some fun zig-zag lines of mustard and watch the hot dog transform into a glow dog.

Ready to Throw the Best Neon Party Ever?

We hope that now that you have our top tips on throwing an awesome neon party, you can start planning your next party event right away. The neon fun will be the highlight of your parties. It’s party time!

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