How To Use SEO In Video Marketing

how to use seo in video marketing youtube search engine optimization

Video marketing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective strategy when you wish to outrank online competitors in the given industry.

Websites featuring video-based content tend to be 53 times more likely ranking on the first page of the search results of Google. With relevant images as well as text-based posts on your website, you can look forward to giving a boost to your overall search rankings. However, the presence of different types of video-based content can offer you an extra edge when you wish to make your business unique on the online platform.

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are great platforms to promote the video content of your brand. To leverage the overall benefits of video marketing, the videos that you post online should be optimized for organic search. When you follow some of the best practices for video SEO, you can enjoy the most organic video-based search results while driving more organic traffic as well as qualified leads through your video content.

Google And Its Ranking Practice For Videos

In terms of the overall general search & video-based search functionalities, Google is known to rank videos with the help of the same ranking factors like that of the written content – number of backlinks, quality of video content, and others.

If you wish to optimize the video content for your brand, here are some of the top SEO tricks for you to try out:

Transcribe The Video Content

When you provide both the video as well as transcription on the single page, it is known to offer significant benefits – catering to multiple readers’ preferences and enhancing the chances of video content to appear in the general searches for Google.

You can consider optimizing video transcriptions for optimized search in a similar manner to that of the text-based content on a website. Transcriptions are ideal for delivering an optimized user experience as it helps in catering to varying learning styles. While some users might prefer going through videos, there are some who might be reading its content. Clipchamp offers access to the innovative free online video editor for making highly engaging SEO-optimized videos.

Optimize The File Metadata Of The Video

Quite similar to the general search results, titles as well as descriptions also get displayed in the respective video searches. In case you have not provided the given data, Google will always come across something to display on its search result pages. Still, if you provide the same, and optimize the metadata, then chances are that you will receive more views while ranking higher in the respective search results.

The titles & descriptions for your video content should:

• Be relevant to the given content

• Be attractive enough to get ample click-throughs

• Make use of relevant keywords for matching the user intent

• Display titles having not more than 55 characters

• Utilize meta-descriptions that are not more than 155 characters in length

Execute Schema Markup

While some of the visitors are known to conduct searches with the help of the video-based search function of Google, most of them are known to make use of the general searching tool. For helping your videos to stand out when it comes to generalized search results, it is recommended to make use of schema markup for providing information regarding the need of the search engines. With the help of schema markup, general-based search results are going to appear in a similar manner as the video-based search results.

At its minimum, you will be required to include schema markup for the thumbnail, title, description, or content-based URL for the respective videos. You might also consider including the overall video length, height, upload date, and the overall width dimensions.

Submit The Video Sitemap

As the crawlers of Google are going to discover videos on the site, you can consider enhancing the search process for the site-hosted videos as you would create a video sitemap. You can then submit the same to Google Search Console. You can also go for creating a separate video sitemap, or adding video entries to the existing sitemap.

The entries in your video sitemap should include details like descriptions, titles, URL of the play page, URL of the raw video file, thumbnail, and so more. Moreover, the given details should also match the information that has been included in the main site.

Search For Keywords For Populating The Video Results

One of the best ways to know whether or not the users opt for video-based content for specific queries is by conducting searches for the respective targeted keywords. In case the video results tend to appear on the first page of the search results, then it implies that the users are mostly satisfied with video-based content for the given query.

It is recommended that you should aim at prioritizing video creation for specific keywords that are helpful in populating the search results. Moreover, you should also be committed to creating videos that are of high quality or tend to be more comprehensive in comparison to the ones that might be already ranking for the given keywords.

Ensure That The Thumbnail Image is Engaging

The video thumbnail is going to be the factor that searchers are going to observe when the video gets indexed. Therefore, it is known to play a vital role in whether or not the viewers would click on the video. The thumbnail image of your video content should be engaging and relevant.

It is observed that videos featuring customized thumbnails are going to deliver around a 30 percent higher play rate in comparison to those without the same. With Clipchamp, you can easily look forward to creating engaging videos with personalized thumbnails.

Create Exciting Videos With Clipchamp Video Editor

The first step is to create engaging videos, and the next step is to optimize the same for better outcomes on your effort.

These handy video SEO tips are sure to improve your results. If you need help creating engaging videos, try an easy online video editor that comes with pro features. Choose from 800k+ stock library of video, audio and GIFs, and choose from all the amazing features you can need to create great videos. Sign up to Clipchamp today.