How to Write a Press Release for Your Business

how to write a press release business pr

Press releases mean big news. They’re punchy, meaningful, and offer news in a way that gets people excited and involved. 

Or at least press releases are supposed to.

Keep reading for how to write a press release that demonstrates your business’s news in a way that represents and enhances your brand. By doing so, you’ll find press releases an excellent way to reach your audience.

What Exactly Is a Press Release?

A press release is a brief, compelling news story, hand-crafted by a public relations professional and sent to specific members of the media. Press releases are meant to pique the interest of an audience, drawing specific attention to a topic, product, service, or announcement.

How to Write a Press Release: The Schedule

To start, ask yourself what message you are trying to convey with your press release. Is this a one-time announcement? Will you have regular updates? How regular? Monthly? Weekly? Daily? 

Knowing the consistency of your release schedule will help determine whether your press releases should be micro-teasers or one big-bombastic reveal for the world to revel in.

The Fundamentals of Writing a Press Release for a Business

A press release should be newsworthy. You’re offering information that is new to both journalists and your prospective audience. Use motivating, grabby headlines that suck your reader in. The headline is essential in drawing interest to your news.

Don’t dabble too long. A press release needs to be clear, short, and concise. This should be written in a third-person perspective and have a formal, objective tone. This means no exclamation points or lengthy exaggerations.

Include your name or the name of your business. Don’t forget basic contact information such as an e-mail address, website URL, and phone number. This allows journalists to follow-up and helps your audience know where to get future information firsthand. 

Press release services are also at your disposal. They’re available to assist you in crafting the perfect press release that catches the attention of your audience, boosting your business.

Writing a Social Media Press Release

Social media press releases should not replace traditional press releases, rather, they should complement them.

Even for social media press releases, headers are still key. A brief overview can be included to summarize the points you’re going to make. Then share your news. If you have facts or statistics, include them after to bolster your announcement.

Include links to your socials as well as any multimedia that promotes your release. This could be a picture or .gif of your product or even a brief trailer. Just make sure to keep the press releases snappy.

Keep your content punchy and sharable when publishing press releases. The difference here is you’re appealing to consumers directly to spread your message, not journalists. You can make it easier for them with smart keywords and tags.

Press Releases Can Produce Big Results

Now you know how to write a press release. Focus on brevity and promoting enthusiasm amongst your audience. Effective press releases can produce big returns. So, get out there and keep promoting and publicizing your business!

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