How Virtual Reality Could Replace Your TV

how virtual reality could replace tv vr overtaking television

Virtual Reality is upon us and surprisingly only 30% of the population know this. Find out, How Virtual Reality (VR) will replace your TV below if it hasn’t already.

TV is pretty darn good these days and that is why I don’t watch it.

Among all the other addictions I have conquered over the years, I don’t need TV withdrawal as one of them. I don’t want to be bingeing on streaming shows or bad news.

But, alas, virtual reality is here and here is what to expect.

By 2030, I predict that movie theaters will be practically empty. . .

We will be too entertained with our virtual reality headsets to leave the house. And why should we?

Also, TV will not be necessary anymore. Want to know why?

With expanded virtual reality, the plots will take place all around us within our house.

We won’t need to turn on a two dimensional box when we have 6 dimensional reality all around us.

Imagine having the characters of FRIENDS coming through your door and specifically involving you in their wacky antics.

Or, imagine acting in skits alongside the old cast of Saturday Night Live.

Yes, Retro Virtual Reality Has Arrived.

Yes, TV is good, but not as good as Virtual reality catered specifically to your behavior patterns and interests.

You could walk into your garage for more room to act out scenes of Fight Club,

Or, have a pillow fight with your sorority sisters from college, as they all downloaded their avatars into your Headset through Facebook.

Think of Virtual Reality Virtual Assistants who stand by your desk and wait for your business decisions.

Imagine downloading new friends that chill out with you whenever you are lonely.

Imagine all the bad things we are going to come up with Virtual Reality?

As humans, we are addicted to new things. . .

Virtual Reality will be like discovering awesome apps on your first smartphone times one thousand.

People will become Billionaires practically overnight by inventing 3D apps for the goggles, or even better, just like you can get special body parts on Second Life, you can buy a new body, car, or house in your virtual reality.

Within your old house, the Virtual Goggles will cover your old countertops with Marble and turn your bathtub into a waterfall.

Don’t worry, the Virtual Reality specs match the dimensions of the rooms of your house perfectly, so you won’t hit your head or fall over.

You can also have a six-pack while chilling with celebrities and band members and artists from around the world who you bought their virtual reality VIP pass from.

Now, they are chilling in your house.

Yes, many celebrities will charge you $500 per minute to sit with them, but you can change your life when spiritual leaders come by and visit and share their ideas from within the comfort of your own home.

Gandhi or Mother Teresa are only an app away now.

Obviously, I am not a big tech guy. I could research specific data for this post, but within a year it would be obsolete anyways. Statistics could be inaccurate within a month at this rate of technological advances.

I do see some benefits, like with athletics, tennis players can hit imaginary balls and MMA fighters can spar in the comfort of their own home.

In business, you could do mock presentations to warm up and improve your delivery before the real thing.

Actors could practice their lines with downloaded characters from a new script.

Parents could role play with different levels of defiant children.

Counselors could practice on virtually created patients.

The sky is the limit with virtual realty on our televisions, computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Humanity is going to really change.

Are you ready for more VR?

What are your thoughts about Virtual reality?
Are you going to buy into expanded virtual reality, or wait on the sidelines?
Is Virtual Reality going to separate us even further than smartphones already have?