iCoin Pro MLM Review

icoin pro review mlm crypto

iCoin Pro is a new training platform for Cryptocurrency, kind of like the MLSP of digital coin. Here’s why iCoin Pro is perfect for non-recruiters.

I’m excited about iCoin Pro.

Actually I’m really excited for iCoin Pro crypto network marketing.

As you know, Bitcoin is around $50,000 a Bitcoin, whereas Google shares are at $2,000 a share and declining.

Tons of people are getting on the Bitcoin wagon, but tons of people don’t understand Bitcoin.

I know I didn’t get BTC at first.

People either love Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to death, like a cult, or they don’t understand Bitcoin at all and think it is a passing fad.

I’m here to tell you it’s not a fad.

There’s already $100 Billion in cryptocurrencies.

It took network marketing 70 years to get to $190 Billion a year.

Bitcoin started in 2009, so it’s very young with lots of potential.

What is iCoin Pro Exactly?

iCoin Pro is a training and education platform for everything cryptocurrency.

They offer three crypto modules as of today which cover everything from the very basics to making micro investments that yield bank for investors.

As more and more people ask questions and want to understand digital currency better, you’ll be there with this platform to share.

Why is iCoin Perfect for “non-recruiters?”

iCoin Pro is basically an affiliate marketing product with a network marketing structure.

Better than most MLM’s, iCoin Pro uses a “forced matrix” compensation plan which means your upline can put people onto your team that you get paid on.

Here’s a picture of the forced matrix plan.

You have 2,046 spots in your matrix as an “unranked” representative.

These spots will be filled from your upline eventually.

Depending on your upline, your matrix will fill up fast and you can be making $600 to $2000 a month within a year.

You can earn a lot more money if you recruit people yourself for your MLM downline while also selling memberships. As with any MLM company I review, you will earn passive income from membership sales your downline generates.

That will speed up the process of your matrix filling, but you need to be patient.

You can also buy a year membership for $599 and come in as a 3 star representative and have access to the 2×14 forced matrix.

The 2×14 matrix has 32,766 spots.

If and when those spots get filled, you can max out this part of the compensation plan at 32,766 a month!

iCoin Pro is NOT for Get-Rich-Quick Seekers

If you join iCoin Pro and expect $2,000 a month within a month, it’s not happening.

Your upline, yourself, and the team you and your upline and downline build needs to fill all the spots in the matrix.

This could take 6 months to a year to earn plentiful profits in the crypto MLM space.

But, for $39 a month, or $599 a year, this is a solid income investment that will pay for itself in six months to a year, plus you get to learn about cryptocurrencies, and can even get paid in Bitcoin if you prefer.