Invest Now: Top Tech Stocks to Watch

The trade war between China and the US hit the pocketbooks of both. It cost billions of dollars for each side, with no end in site in today’s geopolitical situation.

The tech industry took some real hits as well. But in spite of this, silver linings abound. Unless you are lucky, in which case golden linings may come your way.

There is no shortage of tech stocks to watch for the next year. And some tech shares of stock may even prove to be wise if risky, investments.

Here are ten top technology stocks you should be paying attention to. If you manage to buy these tech stocks low, you stand to make a big profit.

1. Amazon, But not the River or the Women

Imagine just thirty years ago when saying Amazon meant you were referring to a South American river or Wonder Woman. But today, when you say Amazon, everyone thinks of the tech giant.

With it’s growing list of services provided, it’s hard to remember they started out shipping books. Now you can buy or sell clothes, listen to music, or watch your favorite shows.

With the popularity of Alexa, Amazon became a crucial part of the internet of things stocks.

It has already surpassed the beliefs of many of the naysayers. And it looks primed (see what we did there?) to grow even more. If you haven’t already invested in it, you might want to.

2. Intel Inside… Your Wallet

We all remember the commercials when home computers were getting popular. At least everyone old enough to be investing remembers them. 

They have been a bit weak as of late. But the company can weather storms and come back around for a big win. And even if the win isn’t big, their investors are still making money.

Considering the general lag on the market, making any money for your investors turns heads. 

3. Caci International, Tech Stocks to Watch

You may not have ever heard of these guys. But you also sleep safely at night while the marines are awake overseas. 

Caci diversified itself into the defense industry. Not only can you see a bump to your earnings by investing, but you can invest patriotically.

That’s not to say they cannot go belly up under any circumstance. But one of their main customers will always have money to put toward new projects. That makes them a solid bet.

4. An Apple Stock a Day

Apple has made its way into the daily life of almost every family. It may not be paying giant dividends now. But the company has tremendous strength. 

If you like investing without having huge risks, Apple is for you. The company won’t be disappearing, and its products have tremendous brand loyalty.

And let’s face it, a person who loves their current generation of Apple product will always buy the next generation too.

5. The Facebooks

Speaking of tech companies which have invaded every person’s life, we have Facebook. 

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed far more posts about people. And you may have noticed far fewer about politics.

Facebook heard the complaints of their users. They recognized that they had stopped connecting and started dividing. 

With their new algorithms, the stock looks strong again. That makes Facebook a strong bet in the next few years.

6. Abiomed Inc for Your Heart

Young companies tend to take more risks. But successful companies get a strong product. They may have one product done with absolute excellence.

Enter Abiomed. They make a heart pump which has been installed in a human body. 

People age and a huge population are reaching the golden years. As everyone knows, that’s when the heart starts to have more trouble for one reason or another.

With that aging population, Abiomed stands to gain. More people will be buying and using their product. They are a safe bet for gains.

7. Perspecta

Like Caci, Perspecta has the government as a client. As stated, this doesn’t guarantee anything. And yes, Perspecta is still a young company.

But it stands poised to keep growing by having deep pockets supporting them. And since they have been bleeding money on Wall Street, buy now while prices encourage it. 

8. Adobe

Adobe has been a big name for some time now. What makes it strong enough to be on a top list?

A strong business model, a wide variety of creative software, and repeated income. Having developed services which take a subscription means money coming in at regular intervals instead of only once per purchase. 

As we all know, Netflix won and Blockbuster went belly-up. True, Netflix doesn’t make as much per movie, but customers send them money every single month.

And now Adobe stands to benefit in the same way.

9. Twitter

Social media has a strong grip on our society. Its impact is felt from the polls to our relationships to our wallets.

Twitter may not be as giant as facebook. But when they cleaned house, advertisers noticed and so did their users. 

By deleting fake or spam accounts, more people are seeing the connections they want to see. Advertisers aren’t wasting money, and Twitter stocks are “tweeting” investors right again. 

10. Alibaba Had Them Forty Thieves…

And they all worked for the government. 

Alibaba and many others took a hit from a potential trade war with China. In global markets, these things happen. The company shares have taken a licking, but the sales keep on kicking.

The company isn’t weak, even though their stock price has tumbled. This is the time to buy and buy with confidence. 

Trade Wars Can be Your Best Friend

For investors, tumbling prices in a sector of the stock market make a great gift in bad wrapping. These tech stocks to watch are a fantastic example of that kind of thinking. 

They don’t look good on paper right now. But they will put some extra paper in your wallet with a little time and patience.

If you want to start investing, but don’t have much cash, check out our tips for the other 98% of us.

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