Is It Worth It To Learn Card Counting For Blackjack?

is it worth it to learn card counting for blackjack betting

You have definitely been impressed by card counting in movies and wondered how cool it would be to have such a skill in casinos. Maybe you have even given it a try but given up once you realize how much work and math skills goes into learning a system like this. Then there is also the risk factor of getting caught and banned from the casino you count cards in. Or worse things could happen, as you have also witnessed in some very well-known movies.

In this article, we will take a look at card-counting and determine whether it is a skill worth learning or if you are better off focusing your attention on other strategies for winning blackjack bets.

The Basics Of Card Counting

Card counting in blackjack is a strategy used to make the odds go vastly in their favor. As opposed to the casino and the player having roughly equal footing. Basically, card counters would assign a value to such as positive, negative or zero to every card that turns up in the deck. Which they keep a tally of in their heads to determine the likelihood of the next card that is bound to come up.

High cards tend to work in favor of the player in blackjack, while low cards are better for the dealer. So, by counting, the player can closely determine whether there are more high or low cards left in the deck. When there are more high cards, this means that the player will increase their bet sizes as they believe the next outcomes will go in their favor.

With a card counting strategy, the player can give themselves a slight edge over the house instead of the other way around. They say “the house always wins”, but that isn’t true if you are counting cards correctly!

So, Is Card Counting Worth Learning?

Technically, card counting does give you an amazing edge over the casino and can lead to you making some impressive wins. However, casinos put a lot of effort into detecting card counting and if they suspect any cheating, use of devices or co-operation among players you could end up in trouble. For this reason, perhaps card counting is not the way to go. Not only is it time consuming to develop the talent, but it can also end up causing problems for you if you are detected.

What To Do Instead Of Counting Cards

Instead of taking on the difficult task of learning how to count cards without getting caught in casinos, there is something else you might prefer doing. Using the basic blackjack strategy is much easier, and anyone could do it without much practice. More importantly it actually works to lower the house edge and give you a good chance of winning.

The basic blackjack strategy was developed through careful analysis of the probabilities in the game. So, you can make the soundest decisions that could most likely lead to you winning at cards in a casino. Or at least you’ll know that you’ve made the right decision and the rest is just up to luck.

Additionally, the basic blackjack strategy is fully allowed online at sites at sites like 1xBet Colombia and any land-based casino. So, you never need to worry about getting caught using card counting techniques in online casinos.