Is Your Boss Treating You Properly?

The working world has a lot of ups and downs to it. There’s quite a few jobs out there that are known for their negative environments and harsh restrictions, and there’s quite a few jobs that are always cited as being a very positive place to work. Different people have different standards of work, but you should never go into a job expecting your boss to treat you badly.

A lot of people think their boss isn’t treating them properly, but they have no idea how they’re meant to be treated, or what they’re supposed to do about it – there’s just so many variables involved, most of depending on where you work and how you operate.

After all, there’s quite a few reasons you might want to take your employer to court, so let’s make sure that at work, you know what situations you shouldn’t be in. Here’s a couple of the main warning signs to look out for.

How Do They Treat Your Co Workers?

If you’ve noticed a considerable difference in the way your boss treats you compared to everyone else, you definitely need to make sure you don’t let this warning sign slide. After all, you have the same right to respect and decency as your colleagues, and if you start to resent them for their preferential treatment, work is only going to get worse.

So make sure you bring this idea up with the people you work with who are close to you, and ask them about their own experiences. If you notice their stories are all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to your boss, it might be time to visit HR.

Is There a Reason for Their Bad Behaviour?

And even if you can identify one, don’t let yourself think that what they do is OK as a result. If you’re someone with either an illness or family situation that can often get in the way of the good work you do, your boss cannot show preference for others, or try to cut your working hours, without infringing on discrimination laws.

Make sure you’re familiar with employment practices, and how you can use them to your benefit to combat the ‘reasons’ your boss seems to hold against you. Maybe you’ve got a mental health issue that causes absence from time to time, or you’re pregnant and need maternity leave – any dismissal or unusual treatment on your employer’s part can be brought to the law’s attention.

Have You Been Punished for Complaining?

If you’ve complained about the way your boss acts in the past, and you’ve had your hours cut or your wages docked as a result, you definitely need to contact a higher power about your employer’s conduct. As an employee, you’re allowed to voice your opinions and worries about work, and no punishment can be brought against you.

Know what proper treatment looks like at work.

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