Jackie Ulmer Interview On Network Marketing And Blogging

Jackie Ulmer on Network Marketing Online and Blogging for Profits

Jackie Ulmer on Network Marketing Online and Blogging for Profits

Jackie Ulmer is a 23 network marketing veteran and success story. Here is our exclusive interview where she reveals her powerful journey and unqie story.

Wow! I am honored to get this opportunity to interview the one and only Jackie Ulmer. Jackie Ulmer has been in network marketing since 1994 and earns a high six figure income.

Thanks Jackie for taking time to do this interview with me! It is truly an honor. Let’s get to it!

You have been in network marketing since 1994. I am sure you can write about 5 books on that story alone, but could you tell us about the struggles in the beginning and what were some of the breakthroughs that enabled you to achieve success?

My struggles were really all in my mind. I struggled with many of the same things as others – a negative mindset about “MLM” and what others might think or say. But, I truly wanted what I could see that Network Marketing offered, and I was too stubborn to quit.

My “Why” (my children) was a big reason for my breakthrough, and then I totally believe that attending events, your company event first and foremost, so that you can see, meet and feel the energy, the power, the belief and see that some of the most amazing people, from all walks of life are successful.

That helped me realize that the right people were out there, and if I kept going, I would find the ones who could see what I see!


When did you come to realize that Attraction Marketing, aka Blogging, was more beneficial or powerful than buying Leads?

In 1999, about 6 years into building my network marketing business, my company was one of the first to get internet savvy and begin offering personal websites for its distributors to market with.

I knew NOTHING about the internet, except that we had it, and I mostly got lost when I used it. An internet mall type company was offering a free seminar on a Saturday in Scottsdale and so myself and one of my team members went to see what we could learn and prospect for our business.

Well, 2 hours later, my head was spinning with the possibilities of people actually searching, finding and coming to me online. People already interested in a business, and potentially more motivated than the tire kickers I had been dealing with.

No one called it attraction marketing and “blogging” didn’t exist. Even though I knew nothing about the internet, I knew it was my ticket to success and freedom.

I went to the library (no one as selling the secrets at that point) and checked out every book I could find on “online marketing.” I didn’t even understand what I was reading and did not know what a domain name, URL, autoresponder or any of those terms meant.

I just knew I was onto something, and again, I was too stubborn not to pursue it.

I jumped in and quickly started having success. I have never looked back, although I do use both online and offline methods to grow my business!


How old is your blog, how many posts do you have, and how often do you blog today?

My original site was born in October, 1999, and in September, 2008, I launched my blog officially. I have several other sites that are lead generating and more specific to my primary company, so all told, I have thousands of posts and articles out there working for me. I blog weekly. I am not always consistent with a specific day or time, but I do commit to it weekly.

I also have a podcast, so that goes on my blog too!

How is the traffic to your blog and do you get leads consistently from your blog?

Traffic is great, and I consistently use social media to drive traffic to it, as well as google traffic. I do get leads consistently!


What has been the best “SEO tweak” that you’ve done to your blog?

I am not an SEO expert and don’t try to pretend to be. It is confusing and changes like the weather. What I learned and still do today is this – it is 2am, and my prospect is thousands of miles away from me. They don’t know that I exist, nor my company, or product. They are looking for a solution to something. What will they type into Google, or a social media site that will lead them to me!

There is my SEO solution. Not techie, or precise, but it has served me well!


You offer various programs on your blog, could you tell us what is your favorite service right now?

Right now, I am loving Direct Sales Boot Camp for giving someone a 30 day roadmap to starting, launching and succeeding in a business, including an intro to social media selling.

And, Facebook for Direct Sales profits – the easiest way to start online!


I am really curious about your “Blogging for Profits” course. Could you tell us a little about that?

It is a year long content program which provides a weekly piece of content that can be tweaked to fit you, your style and how you would say things and then used on your blog.

One of the biggest things people struggle with is creating content. This will get you in the groove and get you used to weekly blogging.

If someone is new to MLM and wants to do everything through blogging, what would you tell them?

Don’t bother is what I would say. It is crazy to try and start there. I was 6 years into my business and had a team of over 10,000 when I went online. I don’t know that I would have made it had I tried to start online and not developed the belief, and tough outer shell.

I would for sure not be here had I not started with talking to my warm market. There is a right way and wrong way to do that, and most people do it wrong, and that’s why they are then hesitant.

That is one thing I cover in Direct Sales Bootcamp and Facebook for Direct Sales profits – how to contact people the RIGHT WAY.


You now travel around the world and enjoy the dream lifestyle that so many network marketers want to have. What would be the biggest 3 steps they can do to achieve the success that you have?

Get clear on your why; work on your belief and mindset daily, and take consistent, focus income producing action steps daily. You have to learn through doing, and you have to be willing to be a little rough around the edges to get where you want to go.


Your children are grown now, do you have grandchildren and are any of them in network marketing?

No I still have one half in the house and one half in college. I am too young to be a grandparent! Neither of my children are pursuing network marketing at this point. The beauty of raising children in this environment is encouraging them to follow their dreams and know that anything is possible!

What are your goals for 2023?

I am moving and plan to hit the ground running offline, making new contacts and then taking it back to Social Media to further build relationships.  

I have laid out my business action plan so far, as best I can, realizing that flexibility is part of it! I have a goal to promote 5 people on my team to a specific level. That, of course, also promotes me, so I love focusing on their promotions!


What is your favorite business quote, and why?

I am not one to have favorites because so many speak to me. A long time ago, I coined the phrase – Hesitation NEVER cashed a check! I do not know where I heard or read it and can’t find it anywhere online except in relationship to me, ha ha! It is a good reminder to myself what needs to be done!!

This is awesome Jackie! Thank you so much for taking time out to do this interview for me. My readers love you!

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