Jaye Carden Interview On Affiliate Marketing, MLM, And Blogging

Jaye Carden on Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, and Blogging Tips

Jaye Carden on Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, and Blogging Tips

Jaye Carden is a rising star in Internet Marketing. Here is our exclusive interview with Jaye Carden on Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, and Blogging Tips.

Thanks for doing this interview Jaye. It means a lot to me and will give my readers some good insight into your internet marketing strategies and online brand.

It has been awhile since I spotlighted your blog in my article, Top MLM Blogs.

How old is your blog, how many posts do you have, and are you still blogging today?

I began blogging sometime in or around 2013. After seeing a webinar with Ray Higdon and other leaders, I decided “why not”.

I began with using Blogger since it was free, and began sharing the things I was learning from the mastermind webinars.

Once I began seeing some results, I knew I had to go with WordPress and get my own domain name using my name.

I have published 115 posts to my new WordPress blog as of now, and have a lot of drafts to release in the near future. I am not for sure how many I had on Blogger before I started my official blog, but there were several.

I still blog today, and write several pieces of content on several other websites. I do a lot of guest writing, publishing content on other social media style platforms as well. So it is easy to say I write at least one piece of content everyday, sometimes up to 5 or 6.

Truth be told, I spend more time promoting, driving traffic, and getting my content higher in the search engines than I do actually putting it together.

How is the traffic to your blog? Do you get much search engine traffic, and do you get leads consistently from it?

As far as traffic goes, to my official website the traffic is good. I see around 30 to 40 visitors a day on various articles. I have a few that are on top page of google, both to my official blog and other websites, that do most of the work.

So yes, I see a lot of traffic from search engines. I believe one of my LinkedIn articles is 98% search engine traffic, and it of course directs people to my official website where I turn several leads a week from just one post.

From all the content, it all points back to home, my official WordPress blog.

I see leads on a daily basis, anywhere from about 3 to 5 a day, and sometimes I hit upwards of 10 or more a day from the blog. So the idea is to get more content up, and get more of it to rank high on the search engines.

Do you use videos on your blog, and if so, how does video marketing work for you?

I always include a video, I think every post has a video in it. I see it as killing two birds with one stone. I get leads and traffic from my YouTube channel, and it helps with the blog too.

It is also good for ranking purposes. Many of my posts rank on top page simply because I have a video in it. It gets up there faster on some of the heavy searched keywords, that have little to no competition.

Plus video helps to brand me. I get many people reaching out to me after seeing the videos. So I believe it helps in several ways other than building a YouTube channel.

Are you promoting just MLM with your blog, or do you also promote an educational platform, such as My Lead System Pro, Elite Marketing Pro, or another Affiliate offer?

I actually don’t promote my MLM business at all on my blog. I only promote MLM affiliate programs that I personally use, and feel are worth the money or time to use.

I do promote MLSP, which is educational and gives marketers like myself the ammunition to build a good business.

I see new referrals almost daily from my blog. I have ranked in the top 10 in two different affiliate contests (top 5 in one of them), without doing anything but writing content like usual.

I do get people into my MLM business, who discovered me through my blog.

That did take time, and normally I just prospected to get signups. Now, from time to time, people want to join my MLM, before they even know what company I am in. So that’s something more to look forward to as time goes by.

If someone is new to MLM and wants to do everything through blogging, what would you tell them?

I actually have been hired by some to help with blogging. I am getting massive leads and traffic from the other side of the world, and even been hired a couple times to help teach blogging.

I would tell anyone looking to blog, there is a simple formula to know.

First you need to have some form of education in the niche, so you can learn new things to blog about.

Second, do a lot of it. Post new content as often as possible, to both your official website, and other places leading back to it.

Always include videos, and create yourself a way to promote the content. I have many ways, tools, and resources that get me a lot of traffic when I run my content through it.

Eventually, if you do your research on keywords correctly, write good content, and promote it right, you shouldn’t have a problem at all getting new leads, signups, and people wanting to hire you as a coach.

I noticed that you use IBO Toolbox quite a bit on your blog and for posting articles. What is IBO Toolbox and how does it compare to MLM Gateway?

Yes, I found IBOtoolbox a few years back, and have used it since. It is good if you use it the right way.

Many people come and go there because they either think it’s a good place to spam, or they get spammed too much and don’t see any results quick enough.

IBOtoolbox is a social media style platform, targeted for home business owners. If you use certain strategies, it can be very productive.

But, if you think you will get results from messaging everyone and running a couple ads, you may be let down.

There are many advantages there if you do things like, get more followers and connections to other social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Or giving away credits you earn to other members for sharing your content, tweeting it to their followers and so on.

I even one time built a funnel with MLSP, and made it a “IBO Credit Sell”.

That campaign was very successful, made my money back, and generated a lot of leads.

Comparing it to MLMGateway, it is similar in nature, but I do believe MLMGateway is more effective. Their advertising has given me a higher response, more leads, and a lot of sales too.

They both have their advantages, but I do not believe you can build a large team from only using one or the other. They are good for selling affiliate products, making commissions, generating leads, and even a new signup here and there. Worth adding to your arsenal for sure.

I notice that you recommend “traffic exchanges” on your blog. Do you get real traffic from these exchanges and does the traffic stay on your site or bounce off right away?

The traffic exchanges are tricky. They will not bring you good quality traffic, or good leads.

The only one I know that will get you good quality leads is LeadsLeap, which is why I promote it on the blog’s right side toolbar.

I began using my first traffic exchange when I was using Blogger. I was getting a lot of traffic indeed, but the bounce rate was not good.

So I found using traffic exchanges for campaign funnels, landing pages, etc were best. I am not a heavy user of them anymore, but it is a great place to start for newbies.

I do run some new blog posts on LeadsLeap, because of how it works.

Most exchanges make a visitor stay for 20 seconds, then they get a visitor in return. No one is actually interested in anything there, just to get their own credits to advertise with.

LeadsLeap pays everyone more money the longer they stay on a page. This of course helps bounce rates. So the users stay 5 minutes or more and that is worth putting a blog post up on.

If you plan to use traffic exchanges, I recommend using funnels.

If you can create your own offer, targeted to people who use traffic exchanges, or something a person using a traffic exchange could benefit from, it will do good. Using what you mostly see on traffic exchanges, will not do so good.

What would you like to achieve with your blog in a year or two?

I want to achieve a lot with my blog by then. I am to a point where I am going to have to hire someone to help with the blog, and promote it the way I do. This way I can focus on creating more content.

Promoting it is important, and getting people to see it. But writing content is also important. So I want to do the best at both sides. I would eventually like to see it at the #1 blog for our industry. That is really the overall goal.

What are your goals for 2023?

My goals for 2023 are to do more of what I already do. To do achieve this goal I am going to venture a lot into paid advertising. I have built my way up to this point, starting with no money to advertise at all.

I am focused on the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for my advertising. If I can be successful at these, my business will see a giant leap in 2023.

What’s your favorite business quote, and why?

That’s a hard question, actually. Whatever I think of I will think of one I like more after this is published.

But one of the ones that sticks to me, and I like a lot is “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” Milton Berle.

That one feels like it fits my personality and the ways I always think. I believe if it isn’t there, build it. Also it’s short and easy to remember!

Thanks Jaye, this has been an incredible interview!


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