Jelena Ostrovska on MLSP, Mexico and Mastering Blogging

Jelena Ostrovska on MLSP, Mexico and Mastering Blogging

Jelena Ostrovska on MLSP, Mexico and Mastering Blogging

Jelena Ostrovska is a rising star in network marketing, internet marketing and blogging. Here’s what she had to say about it.

Hey Jelena! I’m truly honored that you’re taking the time out of your epic journey in life to do this interview for me.

I know that you just got back from a whirlwind global adventure and have some stories to tell.

So here we go!

I noticed on your Facebook wall that you just achieved L3 in My Lead System Pro, aka, MLSP, can you tell me a little about MLSP and how you’re getting success with that? Oh, and meeting Ray Higdon. 🙂

“I can tell ya from my personal experience that MLSP has been the BEST thing that has ever happened to me and my business. If it wasn’t for that community, I would not be an entrepreneur right now. I would most likely be in college buried in student loan.. 🙁  

Since MLSP is a generic platform, it basically teaches people how to market their businesses and become a professional marketer. And the fact that Ray Higdon and a lot of leaders stick around here for such a long time says it all (at least for me).”

Jelena Ostrovska and Ray Higdon at MLSP 2016

Jelena Ostrovska and Ray Higdon at MLSP 2016

Norbert Orlewicz and Brian Finale with Jelena at MLSP 2016 Austin

Norbert Orlewicz and Brian Finale with Jelena at MLSP 2016 Austin

 I noticed over at your blog that even while you’re traveling the world you manage to post almost every day.

Can you tell us how you maintain such a high level of output and what or who inspires you to keep blogging?

“While I was traveling, I actually was not blogging very consistently because I was real busy with a live event as well as I did not have the best Internet.

But content creation is still a part of my daily method of operation, whether I’m traveling or not. I’m always very active on Facebook. So even if I’m not blogging, I create videos and content on my Facebook profile.

I believe that if you want to be consistent with blogging or your marketing, you must have a strong vision that will pull you to take action every single day.

Ray Higdon was the first person that I learned about blogging, and 95% of what I know now is from Ray. That’s when I realized – if he could do it, I can do it too.”

For people just starting out in network marketing what would you like to tell them if they wanted to get Leads from Blogging?

“Blogging is not for instant results, so for anybody in network marketing I always recommend to keep prospecting and recruiting, because that’s what brings results way faster.

In the meantime you can work on creating your blog and working on content – this will bring long term results.

When it comes to getting leads from blogging, you first need to have some kinda free giveaway or a newsletter to start. It can be a free ebook, or a video training, or a cheat sheet. You can either put it together yourself, or hire somebody to do it for you.

Since we live in an instant gratification world, you need to give something away from free to people for an exchange for their contact information.

Consistency is another key to getting results from blogging. When you are constantly creating content and promoting it, you WILL get results.

I always recommend to blog consistently for at least 5-7 times a week for 180 days. This is the mark when I started generating consistent leads through my blog. It may be a little bit extreme for some people. But the question is – how bad do you want it?”

Jelena Ostrovska in Mexico

Okay, so, many of your fans want to know how your trip was to Mexico.

Did you fly there directly after the MLSP convention and how long did you stay and where exactly?

“Honestly, not sure about how many fans haha. I have a fairly decent following on Facebook 🙂 Yeah, I went there after MLSP live event. Stayed there for about 6 days in Playa Del Carmen – such a beautiful place.”

Are you still living in Latvia? Any plans on moving to America?

“Yes, I still live in Latvia. I’d love to move to America for sure.”

This has been awesome Jelena! I’m so glad that you did this interview with me. Do you have any free training or resources you’d like to share with any new network marketers out there?

My absolute pleasure Erik! Really appreciate you! 🙂 I have a ton of free training over at my blog and I also have a free giveaway over there for people to check out, and I’m constantly adding more and more trainings to provide as much value to the market place as I can! Thank you so much again!


Thanks again, Jelena. You’re truly a rockstar. I know for a fact that you help anyone you can selflessly and practically live on social media to learn what you can so you can teach others. You’re truly an inspiration to all of us.

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