John Haremza from Minimum Wage to Millionaire in MLM

John Haremza from Minimum Wage to Millionaire in Network Marketing

John Haremza from Minimum Wage to Millionaire in Network Marketing

John Haremza struggled in a trailer park to making $16 million in Network Marketing. Here is John on his journey from Minimum wage to Millionaire in MLM.

Thanks so much for doing this interview, John!

I am intrigued by your story because that is quite a transformational rags to riches story and I can relate because I lived in a converted school bus for 20 years.

You went from $9 dollars an hour to making millions. How did you psychologically handle such a dramatic change financially and personally?

Fortunately the change did not come overnight.  It was a gradual change that I grew into.  Self-development with speakers such as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Earle Nightingale played a huge roll in my success. In fact I attribute 90% of my success to personal development.


I read and loved your book, Right or Almost Right: The Fine Line Between Phenomenal Success and Average Results in Network Marketing, and in your book, you state: “Success is made up of thousands of small, seemingly insignificant steps.”

What was the most important step in making network marketing work for you in those early days?

Making that first step which meant first keeping my commitment to go to my friend’s house for a meeting when I had just worked a 10 hour day and I was very, very tired.  Second it was taking a chance on something I had never done and was certainly not suited for and of course everyone warned me not to do it.   

An important step all along the way was consistency. I learned to do it every day.

You’re an avid believer in self-development.

You mentioned on the John Haremza Story that it’s all about belief in your company and yourself.

How and when did you finally believe in yourself?

The great thing about Network Marketing is others believe in you.

Our environment is very, very conducive to personal growth and development.  The environment, your upline, the company, the business and self-development all encourage and build confidence.

I’m sure you had a lot of people quit your MLM business. How did you handle the attrition and what advice can you give new network marketers?

The first thing is I don’t take attrition personal.  

The second is that this business is all about how you treat people.  Everyone wants to be valued and recognized.   I’ve always said “keep them in one more day and you might keep them a lifetime”.

John, there’s a lot of introverts out there that want to build their entire network marketing business with social media and blogging. Can it be realistically done?

I was an introvert with a complete absence of self-confidence.  As I continued to follow the system my belief grew until I knew and I knew that I knew.  

Social media is a great way place establish contacts and create interest and curiosity but the phone has to be picked up for anyone to really grow.

You seem to be a natural with video marketing. Do you suggest new network marketers start doing videos, and what is an easy formula on how to create compelling videos that attract Leads?

I do everything. The key with a video is be short to the point. The best videos are spontaneous done from my phone wherever and whenever.

What are your plans for 2017 and beyond?

I just launched with a new company which I believe will be the biggest things I’ve ever done.

My number one priority is to grow this business.  Second I want to create more generic tools for our incredible industry.  

Awesome John! This has been a great interview and I sincerely appreciate your time.

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