Jordan Adler on a Beach Money Sequel and Going into Space

Jordan Adler on a Beach Money Sequel and Going into Space

Jordan Adler on a Beach Money Sequel and Going into Space

Jordan Adler is a top producer in network marketing. He is also the author of bestselling book, “Beach Money™.” Here’s our interview.

Thanks so much for doing this interview Jordan! I read Beach Money™ years ago and it still resonates the most with me because of it’s humble honesty.

Let’s begin.

You used to be scared of public speaking and you prepared for almost two years for your first speaking event.

Today, you seem to be a leading speaker on the circuit. Is speaking your main focus these days or are you still active in network marketing?

Well I didn’t prepare for 2 years for my first speaking event. I think you might be referring to a talk I was asked to give for 3 minutes at a big company event of 14,000 people.

Up until this point, I had not spoken to a group larger than 30. I was writing and re-writing my 3 minutes speech almost daily for 2 months. I was blind with fear in anticipation.

I did get through it and after over 10 years of speaking I am now somewhat comfortable in most cases but still get the butterflies and obsess about it.

I am not a speaker and I typically don’t do paid speaking events. I get asked to speak almost weekly and I resist it.

But I also know that part of being in the position I’m in includes being asked to speak for groups of people.

I am still very active in network marketing and I’m still sponsoring and growing a team. It’s my main focus in business.

You failed in 9 or 10 MLM companies before it “clicked.” What was the main breakthrough for you to finally get some success?

I didn’t sponsor a single distributor for over 10 years. I had signed up in 11 companies during those 10 years.

I would join a company and be very excited. I would attend the events, read the materials, use the product and then it came time to present the business to some people.

I would get shut down after my 2nd or 3rd “no” and quit. I did this year after year for 10 years.

I continued to read books on network marketing as they came out and I would attend generic network marketing events to learn the business.

In 1992, I sponsored my 1st distributor in my 12th company. The rest is history! I have personally sponsored over 700 people and built a team of 85,000 and another of 150,000.

You built almost your entire MLM business during your lunchtime at your airlines job. Do you still conduct most of your business “belly to belly?”

I probably do 10% of my meetings face to face these days. Most of my business building is done over the phone using the computer or smart phone because I am rarely in the same city with the person I’m meeting with.

10% of the time I meet in person at a cafe or hotel lounge to show someone the business. I have teams all over the world so about 4 times a month I’m training or presenting to a group of distributors and their guests in person.

I noticed that you evolved quickly with social media and technology. You have a huge following on Periscope. What social media platform do you like most these days and why?

Actually I used Periscope a few times but am not currently using it. I use social media as a “social” platform primarily and not as a direct business building tool.

I share my life on Facebook and Snapchat. I don’t promote my business on social media. Promoting is the quickest way to get “unfriended”.

Your friends don’t want to be sold to. Instead I use it as a relationship building tool.

I celebrate life on social media and seek to get to know others by following them and engaging in their posts.

Do you feel you can build MLM all online these days and why?

Well I believe you can develop a community of friends on social media  . . . Building exclusively online is a tough proposition.

You must transition into personal one on one communication through private messaging and then eventually conversations on the phone or in person.

People still crave human interaction. Anyone that has cracked the code of sponsoring without personal communication also finds that their group falls apart as fast as it came together.

Relationships are the glue that holds everything together. I do know many people that have large organizations of people they have never met face to face, however they have hundreds of personal conversations with people that they met online as they grow the business . . .

I have never seen an “automatic sponsoring system” that builds a sustainable business.


Beach Money™ was a huge hit. Do you have plans for a follow-up book of what your life is like today?

Yes! I am working on another book . . . “Better than Beach Money!™” I’m excited about it and think it will be another hit! It takes “Beach Money™” to a whole new level!

What are your goals for 2017?

I have some personal goals around flying the helicopter, travel and my Beach Money™ Brand. I plan to visit Bali and Phuket, Thailand. I will be taking friends up in the helicopter for tours of the Las Vegas Strip (not paid . . .  just for fun).

One of my 2016 Goals was to fly friends over the mountains to Death Valley and have lunch at the Furnace Creek Resort and then return the same day. I’m doing that now.

I plan to finish my book and also create the audiobook. AND to make it a best-seller! I will be the first network marketer in space.

jordan-adler-into-space virgin galactics space program

I am part of Virgin Galactics Space Program to send the first civilians into space . . . we don’t have an exact date for the trip yet but the spaceships are being built and tested in the Mojave Desert.

What is a favorite quote of yours?

If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to do it. You can change the world there is nothing to it”  -Gene Wilder as Willie Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Thanks so much for this interview, Jordan! This has been one of the greatest interviews.

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