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How To Become A Successful Network Marketer

Kamil Migas is a successful internet marketer and top MLM Blogger. In our interview, he shares his secrets and tips on making you a successful brand.

I’m super excited to have this interview with Kamil Migas. We have both been watching each other’s blogs for awhile now and equally are impressed.

So, let’s find out what’s working for Kamil these days.

Thanks for taking your time to do this interview, Kamil. Let’s get to it!

How old is your blog, how many posts do you have, and how often are you blogging now?

Well, my blog is online for about 3 years, but first 2 years there was pretty much anything.

When I started my blog I didn’t know what to do, how things work and honestly I was just trying different strategies all the time, which didn’t work.

I was posting only sometimes and wasn’t focusing on people’s needs.

I was just posting my thoughts which didn’t have much value. If you go to one of my first posts you can see that I didn’t know what I was doing.

I really started to work on my blog on about 5 years ago so it’s been paying off. Before that, it was just “trying” and playing.

Currently, there are 203 posts on my blog, and most of them were written in the past 9 months.

I write almost every day.

Sometimes, when I get inspired I write even 2 times a day but if we want to measure the frequency of writing a new post it will be 6 times per week.

How is the traffic to your blog and do you get leads consistently from your blog?

My traffic mainly comes from SEO and Social Media. I am more likely a tech guy so I am focusing on SEO and my wife takes care of social media.

Our main traffic comes from Google Search, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+.

I have few lead generation offers on my blog so I do get leads constantly.

One day I get only a few leads and another day I get more than 15 leads, but the list is growing fast.

Are you promoting just MLM with your blog, or do you also promote an educational platform, such as My Lead System Pro, Elite Marketing Pro, or another Affiliate offer?

I do promote many different affiliate offers and MLM business through my blog such as MLSP memberships/products or courses created by the leaders in network marketing and internet marketing fields.

When I find products that’d help my audience to grow their business I usually add them to my posts.

There are many amazing books about personal development or business growth on Amazon so for helping my audience to develop a better mindset to skyrocket their business.

I also offer consultations and design offers for those who want to take their business to the next level.

What’s your most popular product or service right now and why do you think that is?

The most popular products are the ones that show people step by step how to grow their business and how to work on the mindset.

My favorite products are created by Ray & Jessica Higdon, Tanya Aliza & Cesar Rodriguez.

I have many of their training and I am constantly sharing them with people. I truly believe their courses will help people to create success.

For example Cesar’s course teaches how to overcome objections when it comes to network marketing prospecting.

As we know many network marketers have a lot of fears when they have to talk to strangers about their business, so Cesar’s course teaches how to overcome the objections before they even appear.

Every network marketer should have his course because if you learn those strategies you can prospect people almost stress-free!

Another one is Jessica’s course.

People who mainly want to use social media for building their MLM business should check Jessica’s course.

She teaches how to prepare social media profiles to look professional, how to prospect strangers on social media and she gives away even her scripts for better social media recruiting.

Can you tell us about the beginning of your internet marketing journey, including the biggest hardship you faced, and what you have learned from it?

I struggled a lot at the beginning of my journey. When I started the journey I was a gardener so all the internet marketing things were totally new to me.

I had no idea how internet marketing works, how to sell, and what attraction marketing was.

My attitude and fears of failure made to struggle so much. The mindset I had wasn’t helping me at all. I bought few courses but my mindset was not right.

I knew that something is wrong because things weren’t working but I didn’t want to admit that the reason of my failure was me.

I believed that somehow things will work out but there were many times that I got pushed against the wall and the circumstances gave me only 2 choices: Quit or Change.

I did a lot of personal development training, read a lot of books and started to listen to my wife. Believe me or not but the person who can help you the most might be right next to you but because of your ego you are blind and you don’t want to take any advice.

It’s not easy to see bad things or wrong thinking when it comes to yourself, but a person next to you can see it clearly.

So Erik, my advice to your readers is to pay attention to people who support you and if you guys think that you know everything or you know better than people who are successful you will fail.

Failing is a part of learning but if you open your mind and EYES you can speed up your business growth and personal growth.

If someone is new to MLM and wants to do everything through blogging, what would you tell them?

The blog has such a big power than you think. Even if you don’t get traffic now or you don’t have any results keep putting value into the marketplace.

Another thing is that you need to do it to know your audience. It doesn’t make sense to write about healthy food if your product or service is about travel.

Of course, you can write whatever you want on your blog but if you want to make money through blogging then you need to focus on your potential client’s problems and needs.

One thing that so many people should focus on is self-branding instead of promoting the MLM product.

You can talk about your MLM product or company but you need to be aware that people can just copy the name from your post, google it and you may loose new rep or customer.

The more powerful way is to attract people with value and present them your business opportunity or product details more in the private conversation.

Of course, you can get automatic sales through your blog. Automatic sign ups happen also but you need to be sure about 1 thing.

Do you want whoever on your team or do you want to build a team of motivated people who are going to crush it and stay with you for years?

Provide value and help your audience, this is how you attract the right people and this is how you build a trust.

What’s one of the best free SEO hacks you can tell us about that helped your wordpress blog?

The free SEO hack? Well, many people write blog and they focus only on one keyword. I would suggest focusing on at least 3 keywords that are related to each other.

One more thing I want to share is that people who write blogs get frustrated because they don’t see their post in google for days after they publish it.

The mistake here is waiting for google to crawl your blog and add new posts. If you want your posts to be added to Google right away sign up for Google Webmasters Tools, now known as Google Search Console.

In webmasters tools click on “Crawl” , then on “Fetch as Google” enter the blog posts’ address click “Fetch & Render” and “Submit To Index”.

This way, your new blog post will be showing on google right away.

I noticed that you have some pretty big endorsement videos on your blog, including Ray Higdon, Tanya Aliza, and Marcin Marczak. How do you know them and how have they inspired you?

There are many people who I work with and who have inspire me.

Ray, Tanya, and Marcin are the people who are very close to me and I am constantly learning from them.

I’ve been to their live training, I am constantly working with them and I have their products.

This industry is all about building relationships and personal development. So if you want to want to get the recognition you should connect with people, build a relationships and work on yourself.

This way people will recognize you. If you want to build strong and permanent relationships the best way is, to be honest, and be open.

Ray, Tanya, and Marcin are the people who know even small details about me.

They even know details of my not so pretty circumstances I used to have, they know where I came from, where I am right now and where I am going. I believe this is why I’ve got those 3 videos.

If you want to constantly grow your business and your mindset I recommend you to follow them.

Ray, Tanya & Marin are not only the Leaders of Internet/Network Marketing. They are also very kind and amazing people who are willing to help people.

What’s your biggest challenge right now as a business owner?

Right now the biggest challenge is to get higher than 50K on the global rank with my blog so that there are more chances to help people to grow their business and also mine.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment as an Internet Marketer thus far?

There are two things that I am proud of. First is the knowledge.

I learned a lot by courses and books but I also learned a lot from my own mistakes. The knowledge is priceless because even if something happens and you get to pull down, with the right knowledge you will know how to get up.

Another thing is Alexa rank. The current Alexa rank is 165,923 which honestly is not the highest but since my Alexa rank was above 8 Million 3 months ago it’s a big thing for me.

So I feel like I did the pretty good job to jump from the over 8 Million to 165,923 in just a short time.

What are your goals for this year?

I want to become one of the Top Earners in internet marketing.

Also, I want to help more people to change their lifestyle and grow their business.

So currently, I am creating a plan which I believe will allow me to impact more people in the coming year.

The third goal for my MLM business is to work on my mindset much more than I did till now.

What’s your favorite business quote, and why?

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” by George Bernard Shaw.

I love this quote and I agree with it. I had to change myself a lot to make progress with the business.

Old habits and things I learned in the past weren’t helping me at all. In order to change my life and to provide more for my family, I had to work on my mindset.

If I kept thinking and doing things as I used to do, it sure didn’t take me to the place where I am now.

Wow! Kamil, this is a brilliant interview! Thank you so much for shedding light on some pretty heavy topics inside internet marketing. I wish you all the success in the world.