4 Keys to Becoming a Popular Brand

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Have you just started a business? Maybe you’ve found yourself without a job because of the COVID-19 crisis? If so then you might have come up with some great online business ideas that you’re pursuing.

And every business needs a popular brand so that the business gets noticed by potential clients. But in an over-crowded field where everyone is vying for competition how do you make yourself stand out?

Don’t despair, there are multiple ways to make your brand stand out. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a popular brand.

1. Have a Great Social Media Game

The best way to generate a popular brand is to have a great social media game. This means being active on all the channels: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat.

The companies that do well on social media are the ones that understand that each platform is different and has a different audience. Your interaction with a client or customer on Twitter could be totally different from your interaction with the same client on Instagram.

Hire a branding service to ensure your brand is on point across all of your channels. They will know how to make your brand stand out and what makes a good brand.  

2. Be Top of the Rankings

Google is the key to everything these days. And the way to be king of Google is to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can improve this by starting a blog to accompany your website.

Look at what’s trending to decide what to write about by doing some keyword research. Then hire some great writers to put out some really great content for you and before long your blog and your brand will be flying up the rankings.

Remember that what you’re looking for are writers that understand your customers’ needs and can channel your company’s voice into their writing. This is how to make your brand stand out.

3. Have a Simple Brand

A great brand isn’t one that’s complicated or involves too many mixed messages, it’s one that has a simple brand and a simple message. Remember that it’s human nature to want to do business with a brand we trust so building trust is the most important aspect of what makes a good brand.

The logo should be simple as should the slogan. It should clearly communicate what your company does and is about. You should be able to adapt it to a smaller logo or for different brands. For instance, you probably don’t have space for any detailed lettering on social media profile pictures or on business cards.

4. Use Traditional Media Channels Too

Don’t forget about building your brand through traditional media channels. This means forging connections with reputable journalists and PRs who can help sell your idea to newspapers and magazines.

It’s a great idea to hire your own PR person to continuously be on the lookout for new opportunities to sell your book!

Trying to Create a Popular Brand? Use All Channels Available!

If you’re trying to create a popular brand then you must be open to lots of opportunities. Be active on all the social media channels but also use traditional channels like magazines and newspapers too and keep your message and logo simple. 

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