Learn The Law Of Focus For New Network Marketers

Law of Focus Tips for Beginning Network Marketers and law of attraction for MLM

Law of Focus Tips for Beginning Network Marketers

Many people who join network marketing think that success will come fast and easy. Here is the Law of Focus Tips for Beginning Network Marketers.

Did you start your network marketing business with a bang, by buying 200 leads and none of them upgraded?

Or, you brought in 5 friends and none of them are doing anything?

I completely understand your frustration.

When I started my MLM business three years ago, I only brought in one new distributor my first month, even though I had been an affiliate marketer for two years prior.

I didn’t understand why no one was upgrading into my business.

I knew how to promote my opportunity link and had over 80,000 real followers on Twitter at the time.

So, here is the Law of Focus Tips for Beginning Network Marketers

Part of the reason many people don’t get any results in the beginning is because of their focus or “intentions.”

Many people treat their new network marketing business like a little hobby or side-project.

That is like opening up a brick and mortar business and only opening on Saturday.

How much business do you think that store would get?

Or, the new network marketer buys 200 leads and sits back and thinks they are going to explode their business, or it is going to payout big like a lottery ticket.

The fact of the matter is, is your focus needs to be 100% on your new business, every day.

I understand you have other things you need to do, but every spare moment should be learning about network marketing.

Treat it like you invested $10,000 into it, not $100.

Psychologically, you would put way more effort into your business if you dropped $10k into it.

When I first started my home business back in 2014, I watched at least two hours of videos a day about network marketing.

I took lots of notes as if I were in college.

The training paid off.

I learned about attrition and the real numbers and real effort needed to grow a successful MLM business.

Heck, most new network marketers quit because a few people say “No”, or god forbid, a couple people quit your team!

From watching those videos from the top MLM trainers on YouTube (free videos anyone can watch) I learned that up to 97% of my team would quit within a year or two.

I also learned that I needed to generate at least 10 leads a day, every day to grow my business, not just one lump of paid leads, but targeted prospects using Attraction Marketing.

I also learned that I would only need 1 to 5 true leaders on my team to make up most of my income, that the other 97% of my team would do very little.

That is human nature.

I understood what I would face and I was okay with that.

Why was I okay with those lame numbers?

Because I saw the earnings that some of these leaders were making.

You can earn $20k to $150k a month, completely legal passive, residual income, coming in whether they worked one hour a day or ten hours a day, or took a vacation.

Where is Your Focus in Network Marketing?

Even if you are truly excited about your new MLM business and are generating 10 leads a day, Law of Focus doesn’t really reward you for a couple months.

Hang in there.

Give it time.

If you are grinding your teeth and clenching your fists about your business growth, it will actually make things worse.

Relax. Try to have fun in the process of building your home business.

Also, jumping from one MLM company to another won’t improve your chances of success.

It is really NOT about your company, it is about what is going on inside your head.

If you are truly sincere about learning network marketing and work diligently and consistently, and swallow the setbacks and are patient, you will go far.

But, if you just threw some money at your MLM business like some lottery ticket and don’t spend any time working on your personal development and learning about MLM, you will fail.

It is worth it to learn and take MLM seriously.

It is a $190 Billion dollar industry for a reason.

Multi-level marketing empowers families and helps average people like you and I to achieve their wildest dreams.