5 Lead Generation Strategies Every Business Should Adopt

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About 65% of businesses struggle to attract website traffic or product leads. Without leads, you could struggle to sell your product and grow your business. With a strong lead generation plan, on the other hand, you can generate fresh leads and get ahead of the competition.

Here are five lead generation strategies that can help. With these tips, you can get a step ahead in your industry instead of falling behind. As more consumers discover your business, you can boost brand awareness, recognition, and more.

As consumers begin to see the value in your brand, they will also begin to trust you, allowing you to generate a following of loyal customers. Once brand loyalty boosts your ROI, you can take on even bigger competitors.

Ready to get a step ahead on growing your sales leads? Keep reading to discover the five lead generators you need to succeed for growing business demand

1. Content Creation

One of the easiest ways to introduce people to your product, service, or brand is to create helpful, informative content. Start by researching your customers and competitors.

Who are your customers? What do they care about? What problems can you help them solve?

Try to break your larger target audience into smaller buyer personas. You can base each buyer persona based on demographics like location, language, age, gender, or marital status. Once you have these personas, research each one individually.

You will likely find a male college student has different concerns than a married mother of four kids.

Once you understand who your customers are, start researching their search habits. You can use SEMRush, Google Trends, Ahrefs, and Keyword Planner to determine what they search.

Make a list of keywords your customers use during a Google search. Try to group these keywords under different topics.

That way, it is easier to categorize your content later on. If website visitors are looking for specific pieces of content, they can find it with ease!

Take the time to research your competitors, too. What kind of content are they creating? What topics are they covering?

Look at which pieces of content their customers respond to the most. You might want to prioritize covering content your customers have the most interest in.

Creating Content

Now that you know which topics to cover, you can start creating content. Consider what format you want to use, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • eBooks
  • Infographics

As new apps emerge, you might consider other formats, such as Tik Tok videos, Threads, or Instagram stories.

Keep a single topic in mind for each post. Otherwise, you might spread the reader’s focus in different directions.

You can also repurpose one piece of content into different formats. For example, you can turn a blog post that is full of statistics into an infographic.

Focus on providing helpful, valuable information to your readers. Then, finish the post with a call-to-action (CTA). You can encourage readers to contact you or voice their opinion in the comments.

Once you start creating content, you can use the rest of these lead generation strategies to attract new clients

2. SEO

Once you start creating content, how will you ensure consumers can find it?

Search engine optimization (SEO) can ensure your content ranks higher on search engines. A low ranking could make it difficult for consumers to find your site. They’ll find your competitors’ websites instead.

To optimize your content for search engines, you’ll need your keyword research. Remember, each piece of content you create should have a singular focus. Keep a main keyword in mind for each post.

Then, optimize your content by adding the main keyword to the post’s:

  • URL
  • Title
  • Opening paragraph
  • Closing paragraph
  • Body text
  • Image alt text

You’ll also need to make updates to your website to boost your ranking. For example, make sure your website is mobile-optimized and fast. 

If you want to learn how to attract clients, SEO is a great way to start!

3. PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can also help you rank higher on search engines, allowing you to appear in front of more customers. There’s a chance your competitors are already using PPC. In fact, about 45% of small businesses already are!

You can use your keyword and customer research to determine when you want your ads to display. These ads can appear as text, animations, or video clips. 

There are PPC platforms available for Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

When creating PPC ads, think about your customers. What are they looking for? What value can you offer them?

As you learn how to generate leads, understanding your customers is essential to drawing them in.

4. Social Media

As you use the above lead generation strategies, you can also reach out to customers on social media. Remember, you can always reformat a blog post into another piece of content, including a social media post.

You can also use PPC to create ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn (which is great for B2B leads).

As people start commenting on your social media posts, don’t forget to comment back! Start generating a conversation. If people want more information, encourage them to visit your website.

You can learn more about social media lead generation in our Marketing section.

Using social media will help you discover how to get more clients by focusing your attention on where they spend their time. 

5. Testimonial Videos

Videos are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great way to condense your content into an easy-to-consume format. Creating video content can also help you keep people interested and engaged.

Beyond that, search engines like Google love video content, too.

In addition to vlogs, consider creating a testimonial video for your website. Testimonials can show prospective customers that other consumers already trust you. If they are on the fence about your business, they can see why people like them choose your brand.

As you create your testimonials videos, don’t forget to share them on social media. Invite other customers to send their reviews, too!

Get a Step Ahead: 5 Lead Generation Strategies That Can Boost Business

Want to get a step ahead of the competition? With these five top lead generation strategies, you can learn how to get more clients! As you start generating more leads, you can immerse those consumers in your brand, then turn them into paying customers.

Looking for more helpful tips on how to generate leads? Explore our latest marketing guides today. Visit the Sales section of the Everything Entrepreneur Blog to learn even more about lead generation strategies. We are here to lead the way to increased company sales!