The Legal Remedies Available For Victims Of Pedestrian Accidents

legal remedies pedestrian accident victims

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Pedestrians are the least protected people on any road. In 2022, motor vehicle crashes killed over 8,000 pedestrians, which is about one death every 66 minutes. Pedestrian accidents can be catastrophic. They are physically, financially, and emotionally draining for pedestrians in 2023.

Pedestrian accident attorneys at Buckhead Law and other reputable firms will provide you with legal choices to pursue justice and compensation.

This article outlines pedestrian accident victims’ legal alternatives for justice and financial relief. After a pedestrian accident, there are several alternatives for reimbursement.

Health Insurance

Send medical claims to your insurer if you have health insurance. Your insurance will cover approved medical fees minus deductibles and coinsurance. They don’t cover salaries or other losses. Depending on your insurance, you may have to pay a lot. If your health insurance pays your bills and you sue an at-fault motorist, this will reclaim their costs from any settlement.

Compensation From Auto insurers

With Medical Payments Coverage or Personal Injury Protection (PIP), your auto insurer will cover pedestrian accident injuries as per policy limitations. States with no-fault laws require PIP.

These restrictions may compel you to go through your insurer for small accidents. Your insurer covers medical and partial lost wages with PIP. However, these policies may have a few restrictions.

At-Fault Drivers May Pay

Make a claim with a driver’s insurer if they caused your injury. If the other motorist admits fault, their liability insurance will cover your losses. You can file this claim for any pedestrian accident in fault jurisdictions or significant and critical injuries in no-fault states. If the other driver’s insurer offers a settlement you like, you can settle out of court. Suing would result in damages only if you proved your case in court.

At-Fault Driver’s Employer May Pay You

If a motorist causes an accident when at work, their company may compensate for your losses. If a delivery driver negligently causes a pedestrian accident while delivering a package, you can sue their employer. Employee actions on the job make employers vicariously accountable. If an employee is held accountable for recklessness, a personal injury lawsuit can be brought against the employer.

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Government Compensation

If damaged roads cause a pedestrian accident, you could sue the local government entity that designed or maintained the road in 2024. This can be anything from potholes on the road to inaccurate road signs. You will need an experienced and professional lawyer to sue the government due to sovereign immunity.


Legal aid helps pedestrian accident victims recuperate and seek justice. After such incidents, plaintiffs can sue for compensation. This holistic approach helps victims recover from all the difficulties they have suffered. Accident victims can get legal help filing insurance claims for medical costs, lost wages, and other damages. Tragic pedestrian deaths can result in wrongful death claims. To receive emotional justice, victims must consider non-economic damages like pain and suffering as well.

By understanding these legal remedies, pedestrians can successfully navigate the complex legal system. Accident victims can receive compensation for physical, mental, and financial hardships through legal aid.

Legal aid helps pedestrian accident victims get back to their normal lives through various legal options.