How To Translate Your Last Will And Testament For Beneficiaries

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Legal translation of your will or testament may be required to ensure that your estate is inherited by those you would wish.

The current coronavirus pandemic has made many of us more aware of our mortality and has made us stop to consider how our loved ones will be provided for in the event of our death. If you have dependents who financially rely on you, you might have thought about how they would cope if the worst were to happen to you. We all want to think that we will leave our dependents as well provided for as possible. We would also like to think of them with a roof over their head, without having the upheaval of moving home.

But this could be more complicated than you might think if you die without leaving a will or if you have assets abroad. Every country is different and it is good to seek legal advice in the relevant country or countries as there are certain situations that may prove problematic without a will. It could be you have a partner but you are not married or in a civil partnership.

Or perhaps you have children from a previous relationship or have other family members who may make a claim on your estate. Whatever your situation, making a will and having your will translated where relevant by a professional translation agency, such as, is probably a good idea for a number of reasons. For example, writing a will and providing a professional translation when required should help:

• you to decide how your processions are distributed

• you to make provision for a partner (particularly if you are not married or in a civil partnership)

• you to state your preferred plan should any dependent children be orphaned

• you to ensure children from previous relationships are catered for

• you to make consideration for older offspring who may still be living in the family home at the time of your death; would you really want them to have to lose their home also immediately after your death?

So this doesn’t happen you might consider specifying a time allowing them to stay in the family home before your property is sold and shared with other offspring.

Professional Testament Or Will Translation By A Legal Expert

In recent decades, many of us have lived and worked abroad. For this reason, many people have purchased property overseas and may have family and dependents in another country from where we currently reside. This can make your will slightly more complicated and in these situations it is often advisable to have your will or testament translated into the relevant second language. Online translation agency,, can offer professional translation of wills at competitive prices.

Furthermore, as a legal document, your will needs to be translated accurately and without ambiguity. For this reason, will assign a native-speaking translator with the appropriate legal experience to the translation of your will. This way the appropriate legal terminology will be used.

Professional Certified Translation

It is important to note that certified or sworn translation of wills and testaments is often required by authorities in many countries. has a team of certified translators. These are translators with the authority to provide certified or sworn translation to show that your translated will is a true and accurate translation of the original.

Total Translation Confidentiality also fully appreciates that your will and testament is a private and personal document. As such, any translation of your will should be treated with the upmost sensitivity throughout the translation process. Therefore, has a secure online system and guarantees the confidentiality of your will throughout the translation process, from the initial price quote to final delivery. Moreover, the online system provides a quick and immediate price quote. Simply upload your will and choose the required language combination and you will receive an instant no-obligation quote.

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