Why A Line Cook Joined A Network Marketing Company

Why a Line Cook Chooses Network Marketing from Home

Why a Line Cook Chooses Network Marketing from Home

Restaurant work is grueling, especially cooking on “the line.” Here is Why a Line Cook Chooses Network Marketing from Home.

Are you slaving away in a hot kitchen, 12 to 16 hours a day?

Have you been cooking for a long time and have barely had an increase in pay?

Here’s Why a Line Cook Chooses Network Marketing from Home

I was a line cook in the small town where I grew up.

Restaurant work kind of fell in my lap because you either went into construction or restaurants when you were a teenager from a small town.

I started as a dishwasher when I was 16 and was cooking by 18.

I remember the day that I was making $6 an hour as a dishwasher and the Executive Chef approached me one day and said “would you like to cook on the line for $8 an hour?”

I was so excited, that was a $2 an hour raise!

Well, I was young and that seemed like a lot of money. . .

The Restaurant Trap Begins

Of course, when I got older I started to like to drink, and it seemed like a lot of people in restaurant work partied a lot.

The waitresses were on coke; the cooks were on whiskey.

And they all slept together for the most part.

When I was young it was exciting to watch the drama between the cooks and the waitresses.

I thought to myself, I will never grow up to be like these maniacs.

The work was really long and hard.

We would cook a few hundred meals a night and the dishwashers wouldn’t leave until 2 AM.

At first, I thought this type of work would build character because I was a romantic and read books by Jack London and Jack Kerouac.

But, as the years passed, I was still cooking. . .

Now, I was going into work hungover everyday or still drunk.

I tried drinking the cooking wine at work to ease the hangover and the shakes.

As the years passed, I barely got pay raises.

From the age of 18 to 32 my pay rate increased only $3 dollars.

$3 dollars in 14 years!

Either Escape Cooking with Network Marketing or Die!

When I was 32, I was flipping an omelette at a new job, hungover of course.

My life had amounted to nothing but one big blurry party, and cooking scars on my forearms.

I knew I was meant to do more, I just didn’t know what.

Suddenly, I felt a tightness in my chest and in 20 minutes I was on the sidewalk outside trembling as a waitress prayed over me.

I was airlifted to the hospital and had a mild heart-attack.

And, no, this wasn’t a wake up call.

I kept drinking and working in restaurants until I discovered caregiving.

But, that wasn’t a lot better.

How to Quit Cooking and Work from Home

At 36, I finally got sober and wrote a book.

Independent authors on Amazon were huge at the time and I thought I should write a memoir about my drinking.

Everyone was writing a book!

I learned how to promote my book on Twitter.

Then I discovered internet marketing and in 2014 I joined a network marketing company.

Network marketing blew my mind.

I discovered that I could legally earn as much as I wanted with it, that there was no “income cap.”

I found out that some of the network marketing leaders made anywhere from $20,000 a month to $150,000 a month, with no fancy degree.

Heck, a lot of them were cooks like me.

Treat Network Marketing like a Real profession

At first, I thought I would make a lot of money, but quickly realized I barely made anything.

It was an entirely different mindset.

The leaders who were in MLM and made all the money seemed very “selfless” and helped their team recruit more than themselves.

They talked about “personal development” and said things like “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

The first two years in network marketing were the toughest years of my life.

I cried at least every three months.

Then, it all started to come together.

My business started to grow.

April 2016, I fired the last boss I will ever have, and in 2023 I am an MLM leader.

I can show you the same thing I did to finally work full time from home. Keep reading more of our blog!