Business Benefits To Expect From A Serviced Office

top business benefits serviced office

There is a vast network of businesses that now work from a serviced office, and if you are wondering why this is so, there are many good reasons for the shift. Traditional office leases will always be popular, but the solutions presented by a serviced office have become more in-demand in recent days because of their flexibility, and affordability. There is also the fact that it provides you with a prime, central location where you can operate without spending too much of your hard-earned finances.

But what else should you expect from a serviced office? If you are wondering if it is the right solution for you, here is a list of the top aspects and benefits of the serviced office solution.

The Amenities And Facilities

The facilities and amenities of serviced workplaces will vary, and this can change from one provider to the next. But the serviced office will typically have a reception area or front desk as well as reception services, and it will also include instant connections to Broadband, telephone lines, and electricity. Serviced office providers also include meeting rooms and conference rooms, which are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, and many serviced offices can provide administrative support in the form of business services like printing, delivery, and faxing.

Serviced office spaces can also provide you with kitchens or pantries and common areas, as well as cleaning and maintenance for your work space. Providers of office space in Manchester like Cariocca Enterprises even go a step further and offer on-site parking and 24-hour security services as well as rental for telephone lines and handsets. In essence, serviced offices can provide you with everything you need to operate, and some offer office furniture such as desks and chairs, lighting fixtures, and more.

What Else Can You Expect From Serviced Offices?

A Great Location

Serviced offices are usually located in busy towns and cities, so you can have your business easily accessible to your clients. It is not easy to set up your business in a downtown or commercial location if you were to go for a standard lease, because it is certain to be expensive – but with a serviced office, you can be centrally located and can have access to services, restaurants, and more. Having a good location also enhances the appeal and image of your business to potential clients and investors, which can pave the way for your business’ growth.

A Flexible Term

Once you sign on the dotted line of a serviced office agreement, you won’t be tied up for the long term. Many providers are quite flexible with the terms of a contract, and if you want to move out within a month, you can do so without issue. This kind of deal is perfect for businesses that are expanding and looking for a short-term solution, and it is also ideal for businesses wanting to set up another branch without having to worry about a long-term arrangement if in case they decide to move out.

Pay Only For What You Use

In a traditional lease, you often end up paying for office space that you don’t need. For instance, if you don’t need a conference room all the time, why should you pay for that? A serviced office arrangement lets you pay only for what you use – be it equipment, office supplies, meeting or conference room rental, or the use of a reception service.