5 Essential Logo Design Tips

Did you know that in a decade and a half ago, Tropicana’s sales dropped 20% after they redesigned their logo?

Marketing experts believe that the reason why they failed is because they ditched their classic branding for a more modern design. Although it looked sleek, it also lost its charm.

The most important thing to learn from this marketing mistake is that logos matter a lot more than you may think.

Want to know how to create the best logo design? Keep reading to learn 5 logo design basics that can revolutionize your business.

1. A Minimalist Logo Design Is Always Better

Tropicana is the perfect example of why simple is better. Instead of keeping their image of an orange with a straw stuck in it, they changed it to include words and abstract designs.

It is easy to go overboard when you are worried about making your logo stand out. However, it is important to not overwhelm your audience.

Text is okay, but try to minimize how many characters you use. Image-based logos are much more interesting to look at, although there are exceptions to every rule.

2. Logo Design Basics: Keep It Versatile

Your logo is the face of your company. Whenever your customers see it, they should have a positive association with your brand.

Since it is going to appear on your business cards, website, products, and more, you need to make sure the logo looks good in any size on any material.

Another popular way companies advertise themselves is by including their logo on employee name tags. When you pair excellent customer service with your logo, people will remember your business and keep coming back for more. This company can design name tags that highlight your logo.

3. Effective Logos Make an Impression

Uniqueness is another crucial quality you need to consider when designing your logo. If it doesn’t stand out, your business will get lost among the thousands of others out there.

Try analyzing the most memorable logos and take notes on why they make an impression. Use these ideas to fuel your creativity, but remember to create something original.

4. Logo Design Principles: Stay Relevant to Your Brand

You could come up with the coolest logo ever, but if it is not relevant to your brand, it won’t be successful.

One shining example is Apple. Their logo is an apple. To give it a unique twist, the apple has a bite in it. It is memorable because it is simple, clean, and relevant.

Nike is another household name. Like Apple, their logo doesn’t include text. It is a simple yet bold checkmark. Not only is it memorable, but the checkmark is associated with positive feelings. Whenever people purchase their merchandise, their logo is approving their actions.

5. The Best Logo Designs Are Visually Appealing

The last important design tip is to make sure your logo is beautiful.

If you use text, make sure the size and font is legible. If you use different colors, make sure they complement each other. If your design has a few different components, make sure the image is balanced.

Want More Helpful Business Tips?

If you utilize these logo design basics, then your business is sure to be successful with its branding.

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