Lynda Kenny on Reawakening the Baby Boomer Entrepreneur

Lynda Kenny on Reawakening the Baby Boomer Entrepreneur

Lynda Kenny on Reawakening the Baby Boomer Entrepreneur

Lynda Kenny is a successful internet marketer, home-based business trainer, and powerful MLM blogger. Here’s our interview.

Thank you so much for doing this interview with me, Lynda! I’m excited to learn more about you and how you brand yourself online. So, let’s get started!

You were at one time a single mother who barely had a dollar (Pound) in your purse to provide for your family. What was that hardship like in that time and what gave you hope to continue with life?

It was very tough being a single parent.  At the beginning I had to rely on state handouts and literally lived week to week on what money I had.  

I really did have one day where I had £1 left in my purse and I was worried what I would feed my children for dinner. I ended up buying a loaf of bread and a tin of beans.

It depressed me that this could be my life forever and I used to look around with envy at other people who all seemed to have more in life than me.  

I made my mind up that night I was NOT going to stay that way and that one way or another I would find a way to change my life for the better.

I applied for a job in a local children’s home, despite not having the experience they were asking for.  I was up against candidates that had the experience and yet I got the job.  I was elated and this gave me my first introduction to social work.  Plus I began earning an income, at long last.


You were a social worker by trade and helped families to remain together. Did some of these families’ hardships trigger your own struggles, and also, what stories from these families inspired you and gave you strength?

Due to me being a single parent who had experienced hardship and lack of income I could relate to some of the families I worked with.  I always hoped that my situation would inspire them to know they could change their life as well.

I did manage to keep some families together but unfortunately in many cases I had to remove children into the care system.

When I observed how many women put their needs before their children it made me more determined to empower women more.  

Too many of them relied on their men folk to be the answer to their problems and unfortunately, in many cases, it added more problems to their life.

Observing children who didn’t have their needs met gave me the strength to carry on.  So many of them were deprived of what they needed in their life.  

I witnessed the effects of neglect emotionally, physically, socially and abusively and the impact that can have on a child’s future.

The care system itself was not perfect.  It protected children from harm but alas, it did not always meet their needs either.

I moved out of child protection to specializing in Foster Care.  I trained, supported and recruited Foster Carers.  I loved this and worked well with carers.  

Having been a Residential Care Worker prior to this helped me have great empathy with Foster Carers, who looked after some of society’s most difficult children.


How did you finally break out of the “paycheck to paycheck” scenario in your life and what kind of mindset shift did it take to change?

My determination to get out of the poverty trap enabled me to make it work.  I chose a profession that I was passionate about and I had a thirst for more that life had to offer.  

I didn’t enjoy being out of control and as my coach says to me now, money isn’t everything but being in poverty serves no one.

I worked my way up from being a Residential Social Worker to being qualified by attending University to gain my Social Work Qualification.

It was hard work, with two young children and the worries of childcare, time and concentration.  However, what I envisaged at the end was worth every single second.

I went from being a Social Worker to beginning an Independent Fostering Agency in the 90’s.  A business that began on my kitchen table and for a short while I was short of income again.  However, that began a journey, which led to my current lifestyle.

The business grew beyond belief.

Like-minded individuals had done the same in their part of the UK and we joined together as one company in 2002.  We became the largest Agency of its kind in the UK.  I sold my shares in 2006 and I became “so called” retired.

How did you discover network marketing and what was it like in the beginning for you?

I received a text message from a good friend of mine, Richard Matharoo, who asked if I was open to earning an extra income.  

I was intrigued and so responded by saying I was open to learning more.  At that time, I had no idea what network marketing was.  I didn’t really understand any of it and certainly had no idea what to do.


What shifted inside of you to start to see some success with network marketing?

I saw the success Richard was having.  I knew him well and saw the debt he had been in and how the industry had changed his life.

I was also quite “bored” in retirement.  I had been in a high-powered environment with a lot of responsibility to having none at all.  

I didn’t feel a valued member of society any more and I saw this as a way I could earn an extra income as well as bring some purpose back into my life.  

I also began observing others and what network marketing had done for them.  My coach, Ray Higdon, has had massive success and turned his whole life around thanks to the industry.

You have a beautiful blog. How old is it, how many posts are on it, and do you get Leads consistently with it?

Thank you.

I began my blog when first entered this new world.  It’s around 4 years old now.

I have 300+ posts on it now.  I never used to get leads at all until I learned the importance of having a good lead magnet.  Something I have improved on lately.  I now get leads regularly.

My blog has changed and evolved a lot since I began and I always see it as work in progress.  I love writing for my blog.  

What would you tell a new network marketer if they wanted to start a blog to generate Leads?

The most important thing I would tell anyone new is to have their blog to brand themselves and not the company they are with.

Their lead magnet needs to be something of great value that will compel someone to part with their details and become a lead for them.  

I have changed mine a few times.  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.  Being open to change and tweaking things is what matters.

The lead magnet also needs to be placed high up on the blog (above the fold) so it’s the first thing a visitor sees.


What free SEO hack has worked the best on your blog to get more traffic?

Getting more traffic to my blog has been the way I share my blogs around.  I use social media as a spoke to point people back to my blog.  My coach taught me this.

We own our blog and should make an effort to get people there using whatever method we can.


What are the three most important things a network marketer needs to do to have success in MLM?

There has to be a good vision/why they want to do this.

Total persistence and dedication to learning more

Commitment to learning and investing in their education.


What type of life has network marketing given you?

Becoming involved in the industry has changed my whole “retirement”.  I have met hundreds of new friends, made new connections and I travel regularly to events.

I have found new purpose and enjoy being able to do it from anywhere in the world.

I travel regularly not just on trips but also to events, between my homes in the UK and Portugal and this enables me to enjoy freedom.


You concentrate on helping women and “baby boomers” establish a home-based business. Why baby Boomers?

I tend to focus more these days on home business entrepreneurs.  However, I can’t help but be drawn to Baby Boomers because I am one myself.

I also know how it feels once you retire.  Many baby boomers don’t have enough money to retire on and we are living longer lives.

Baby Boomers have a great deal of life experience to offer and if they can overcome technical difficulties using the internet then this industry is one where they can excel.  Many of them have some very good work experience to bring as well.


What does “Reawakened Entrepreneur” mean to you?

This was a term suggested to me by a previous coach.  I disliked the word retirement as it conjured up “old age” to me.  I wasn’t ready for that at all.  Being reawakened as opposed to being retired had great appeal for me.

That’s why I call myself the Reawakened Entrepreneur.


What is your favorite business book right now?

Vibrational Money Immersion – Ray Higdon


What are your goals for 2017?

I want to keep growing and capitalizing on everything I am learning.

I want my income to double what it is now.

To have a larger team

Keep investing in my future.  I am a member of Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Club Mastermind as a platinum member and I want to work towards being a Diamond Member.


What is your favorite quote and why?

She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans” – Kobi Yamada

I love this quote and it sums up everything I have achieved and at the same time gives hope to others.

Thank you so much, Lynda! This is so powerful. A lot of wisdom in those words and you express perfectly how network marketing can and truly does change lives.

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