Madra Jones Interview On MLM And Being A Millionaire Mom

Madra on MLM, Mastering Blogging, and being a Millionaire Mom

Madra on MLM, Mastering Blogging, and being a Millionaire Mom

Madra Jones is a powerful Network Marketing leader and blogger. Here is our exclusive interview with Madra Jones on MLM, Mastering Blogging, and being a Millionaire Mom.

Thanks for doing this interview with me, Madra. I am super excited!

When I first discovered you on Twitter, I was immediately impressed with your no B.S. style. In fact, I read a tweet you wrote that said something like:

“You believe in the bullshit stories you tell yourself.”

Have you always been this bold? 🙂

Haha yes. I can’t help it. Real Raw and straight-forward; bold, whatever you want to call it.

I’ve always been one to shoot straight and tell the truth even if the person can’t handle it at the moment, they usually circle back around when they realize I told them exactly what was “right for them” instead of what they necessarily wanted to hear. Sugar coating and bullshitting doesn’t do anyone any good.

You’ve had some success in Network Marketing, could you tell us when you began MLM and how long did it take for you to have a breakthrough and build a team?

I started my first network business in 2011 and really started just to sell the product for retail from my salon.

As a business minded person I did my due diligence and started researching the mlm industry and got that particular come plan out and tried to figure it out.

Google is my friend because a search made me aware of what residual income is, something I never knew existed. I was sold on the network marketing industry after that, I mean who doesn’t want to work now and collect that income over and over forever.

Once I grasped that concept and realized building an mlm business was possible if you’re willing to be coachable, you’re willing to work hard, and willing to keep it simple and work the company’s system.

I reached the top rank after my first year, landed in the millionaires club after year two, and reached the #1 income position after three years in the business. I also think I ended up #60 top earners worldwide. It’s crazy what a little determination will get you.

Are there any strengths from your previous background that allowed you to build a solid team?

You know, I don’t think it takes a special skill set  or an education, degree or a huge network to build a successful business, to become leader and build a solid team. What it does take is action on your part, because the best way for others to learn is by watching you DO IT.

People get inspired watching others reach goals. It only seems impossible until someone does it.

Teach and Doing is what makes a leader. I truly feel like 80% of success is your willingness to put in the work and anyone can make a decision to do that. Success, in my opinion is a choice.


How did Millionaire Mom come about?

Well I’m a single mom of three and a millionaire. Haha! So Don’t tell me you CAN’T, because you CAN.

I love your blog! It seems to evolve as fast as you do. When did you start your blog and what kind of content do you post?

I knew early on the importance of setting myself up as the expert in my niche’.

Blogging should be a tool you use to “attract” people to you. My blogs have always been centered around education and inspiration.

When you become the solution and people learn from you they immediately see you as the expert on that topic and when you inspire them, well heck, game over they want to be connected for life.

I started a blog back in the day as a salon owner, so yes it has certainly evolved over the last 20 years.

How should beginners start a blog?

I would say first by start looking at other blogs that interest you and those competing blogs out there. See what they post, notice what catches your eye, make a list of the consistencies you see on those blogs and a list of things you really don’t like.

You have to remember your blog will evolve and not to waste time and hold back because you don’t have a pretty background and are clueless what to write about. Just getting started is better than waiting until everything is perfect.

Your blog can be simple, one page, a title and your first blog can be about you. Your story. How you arrived at the place you are right now at this exact moment.

I promise you so many will relate to you. Share every blog to social media for exposure and always have an opt-in so you can capture your readers contact info. Your list is money. Build it big.

What are your goals for next year?

My goals for next year? Wow that’s a tough question but I’ll try to narrow it down.

I tend to dream big, out of reality so to speak, but know that in order to reach them I have to break them down into smaller more attainable goals. Reaching small goals builds confidence.

And even now, I still need confidence boosts every now and then. So although I work on me, these goals on my end-all-be-all goals is to help as many people as I can become what they VIEW themselves as a success.

The money just happens when you focus on that. I truly find joy when others call me and are excited about their accomplishments, I love watching them develop and become leaders.

Funny thing about network marketing that not many people realize, it is the best way to develop yourself personally; it’s an industry you can get into and really find your purpose. That’s my job, to show people that network marketing is a professional life-changing industry in so many levels.



Awesome Madra. This has been an awesome interview!

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