Mail Forwarding vs Mail Forwarding Services

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It is important that you learn more about the mail? Here is a good tip for you – Mail forwarding, and a mail forwarding service are not the same thing. Many people have been able to benefit by using mail forwarding, such as after a move, A lot of businesses have actually had to do this when they change, but there are a few differences about it, and a lot of businesses even benefit by having their mail forwarded for security purposes too. In this guide, we are going to talk a bit about the difference between regular mail forwarding vs. using a forwarding service.

How Mailing Services Differ

Here is the different most notable differences between mail forwarding and using a mail forwarding service.

Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding has been around for a long time, and the service is free when a user chooses their mail carrier (i.e.- the USPS). Customers simply fill out a form, and then all of their mail will get forwarded to their new address, and the companies that sent the mail will be notified of the new address so they can update it in their system.

This forwarding only last for so long though, and you usually have a bit of time before it gets activated (it is not immediate). If you wish to have a permanent mail forwarded mailbox, you are going have to spend quite a bit of money monthly, quarterly, or annually to rent a post office box. You also can’t have it to an actual address without filling out a lot of paperwork and being validated for it.

Enter The Mail Forwarding Service

Having a forwarding service provider such as Dakota Post, you can achieve a permanent forwarding address. You don’t even have to go to the address in order to use it. Well how on earth does that work? Why would you want to do this?

There are many reasons why you would want a mail forwarding service, to start the answers off right. One of the reasons is to protect an identity of sorts. For example, if you are using a forwarding address somewhere where you purchase and register your permanent address, but you are a work-from home entrepreneur, you can use a forwarding service that keeps your true address safe.

Basically, you are getting a secondary address that keeps your true location safe. You can choose anywhere for your mail to be forwarded too – so you can enjoy your vacation and still get mail forwarded there. This is great for those who have to frequently go into other states for long periods of time.

You Can Schedule Your Deliveries

With the post office, you get your mail forwarded automatically. Everything. Not only that, but it is activated and you will get your mail daily just as you would regularly if you didn’t use a forwarding service. With a forwarding service though, you can choose certain days, or even certain dates out of the month so you can get your mail as often as you want it.

Mailing Methods Matter

Having a mail forwarding service can be a lot easier than having to use the united postal service. It can also be more discreet, which is great for startup businesses, or those that are entrepreneurs and marketers. It is important that you find an affordable mail forwarding service in your area that can be completely customizable. Now that you know, it is time to maximize your mailing!