How to Make Money Off Bitcoin without Investing Into It

How to Make Money Off Bitcoin without Investing Into It

We have hit exciting and historical times with Bitcoin as it hit $16,000 on 12/07/17. I’m sure it’s going to go a lot higher and this article will be outdated just as fast, but I want to share with you How to Make Money Off Bitcoin without Investing Into It.

make money off bitcoin

Everyone has now officially been noticing Bitcoin. You cannot avoid it, and there’s rumors that it will be our main form of currency within a couple years.

That means no more paper money, or FIAT money as the crypto geeks like to call it.

So, How to Make Money Off Bitcoin without Investing Into It?

Even though there is so much excitement around Bitcoin, most people still have no clue what it really is.

I was speaking with a prospect the other day about my other business and Bitcoin came up.

He thought it was like a poker chip because that’s how the media portrays it with their images on their websites.

Not many people understand that Bitcoin is digital, that it was created by a very powerful computer and that it is based on the blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is decentralized, that’s why so many people love Bitcoin.

They think that since its decentralized that we can take back our power from the banks and government, avoid inflation, taxes, and the fluctuating prices of currencies.

Bitcoin can be transacted all over the world instantly without dealing with currency values.

I think the government will definitely figure out a way to control, regulate, and put taxes on Bitcoin, but for now it’s still the wild wild west of unit of value.

So, How to Make Money Off Bitcoin without Investing Into It?

Everyone is very curious right now.

They are craving more knowledge on Bitcoin because they don’t want to look ignorant.

That’s how humans work – they act like they know it all while they are secretly and feverishly looking up terms on wikipedia and investopedia.

Bitcoin is a game-changer and the masses are taking it more seriously than ever.

The best way to make money off of the excitement of Bitcoin is to share a platform that teaches everything about Bitcoin – how to buy it, invest it, how to get a Bitcoin wallet, How to even loan your Bitcoin out and make interest on it, etc.

There’s also 1300+ other digital coins out there trading right now.

These are called “altcoins” and each one is designed differently and has different unique qualities and functions and setbacks.

The cryptocurrency market is skyrocketing – at over $12 Billion dollars a day is going into the cryptomarket.

So, Bitcoin is not the only digital coin.

How to Make Money off of Bitcoin Online without Knowing Everything About it

The best way to make money off of Bitcoin is to invest in a Cryptocurrency training platform.

Inside this training platform, you get many different up-to-date modules on all aspects of crypto and Bitcoin.

Once you go through the modules yourself, you will know more than 95% of the people around you.

Once the conversation leads into Bitcoin, you sprinkle them with a little bit of knowledge you know and they want to know more.

Then, you share your affiliate link that you get from joining this platform yourself, which gives you a commission when people buy the platform from you.

You also get commissions without recruiting a single person by getting a percentage off the team that your upline is creating, (meaning me.)

There is no better time to promote Bitcoin education than now.

In a couple years, everyone will have a solid grasp on it and won’t be as interested.

You also can get your commissions paid in Bitcoin on a weekly basis and brag to your friends that you earn Bitcoin online every single week!

Find out what I’m promoting NOW.

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