Making A Claim Against Your Employer

‘Personal injury’ is a term that encompasses an unbelievable number of incidents. A lot of people make these sorts of claims for accidents that have occurred in the workplace, which is what we going to discuss in this blog post. Read on to discover more about making a claim against your employer.

Common workplace accidents

Let’s begin by taking a look at some of the most common workplace accidents…

Industrial Deafness

There is no denying the fact that loss of hearing can be one of the most worrying and upsetting injuries. Do you believe you have sustained this illness because of your employer’s negligence? If they have failed to provide you with the necessary protective equipment, you can definitely make a successful accident claim.

Construction Accidents

The construction industry is one that is a lot more dangerous when contrasted with a lot of other forms of work. Nonetheless, this certainly does not mean that accidents should be accepted! There are many rules and regulations in place that your employer needs to follow. If you believe they are at fault for the accident that has occurred, you should definitely explore the possibility of compensation further.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Last but not least, we have repetitive strain injury, which is a common injury caused in the workplace nowadays. Repetitive strain injury is actually a general term that is used to describe pain to your muscles, nerves, and tendons. It can occur in many different types of industries, yet is common with those individuals that sit at a desk and work on the computer all day. Overuse or misuse is described as the main cause of this injury.                              

What does your solicitor need from you when making an accident claim against your employer?

When it comes to making your claim, your solicitor will largely be responsible for ensuring you get the full amount you deserve. This is why you need to choose a company with care. Derrick Law Firm has years of legal experience and is a good example of the sort of firm you should consider. Nonetheless, you still have a role to play. Keep on reading to discover what your solicitor is going to require from you in order to put together your case…

•    Injury Details – If you want to make an accident claim, it is imperative that you see a doctor to get professionally diagnosed with your injuries. Your solicitor will need to see your medical diagnosis. They will also need to receive details regarding any treatment you have received as well.
•    Details Of The Incident – Your solicitor will need to know exactly how the illness or accident occurred. They will also require information regarding where and when it happened.
•    Proof Of Expenses – Have you suffered any costs as a result of your injuries? For instance, you may have had to pay for treatment costs or you may have suffered a loss of income due to your inability to work throughout the recovery period. You can claim for these as special damages, however, you will need to have proof.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of workplace accident claims and launching a case against your employer.                  

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