10 Reasons Why Metal Business Cards Are Better

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Metal is the new paper for branding yourself. When it comes to business cards that is. Read on to learn why a metal business card is the way to go.

There are over 30 million small businesses operating right now in the United States. That massive pool of competition means that it is getting progressively harder for entrepreneurs like you to cut through the clutter and attract new clients.

There are a lot of ways businesses are trying to deal with the over-saturation occurring in today’s economy.

Digital marketing, print marketing, and guerilla marketing are ways to stand out against the growing competition.

The issue is that as each of those marketing mediums get billed as “the solution” they too become over saturated which makes their messaging less effective.

So, what really is the answer to standing out today? In my opinion, the answer lies in investing in business cards.

I am not talking about handing out any old business card. I am talking about handing out a metal business card.

Not sure what advantages come with metal business cards? Let me break it down for you with 10 reasons that metal business cards are superior to paper or plastic.

1. Make a Solid First Impression

First impressions mean everything in business. As a matter of fact, most people will make a determination on the kind of person you are within the first 7 seconds of meeting you.

Fortunately, if you are armed with a metal business card, you boost your chances of earning your contact’s positive attention.

When you put a metal business card into a person’s hand upon introduction, they will be struck by its weight and their interest will be peaked. From there, you can hit them with your pitch and start yourself down the path to a productive relationship.

2. Create a Design as Unique as Your Business

There is something about your business that makes it different from others in your space.

Maybe it’s your experience. Maybe it is your impeccable service. Maybe it is your incredible passion.

We get that. So do you.

But does the person you’re trying to network with get it?

You have to underrated that any lead you’re engaging is probably being engaged by a handful of other people who do exactly what you do. How is a person supposed to find out which company is best suited to manage their unique needs?

Your ace in the hole when it comes to answering that question is your metal business card.

When you work with metal, your business card can be carved out into any shape imaginable. That means, if you own a guitar shop, your card could be in the shape of a guitar. If you own an auto body shop, it could be in the shape of a car.

That uniqueness in your card will lead to your prospective client to think that your business is equally unique and creative enough to give them the solutions they need.

3. Give Your Business an Aura of Success

Whether your business is successful or not is irrelevant. All that matters is that your new clients perceive it as successful.

Nobody wants to do business with a company that’s failing. Psychology dictates that partnering up with a company that’s worst for ware will translate into getting sub-par products and services.

To make sure that people feel like they’re partnering with a winner when you engage them, you metal business card is an excellent tool.

When people see your card, they’ll immediately assume that anybody who can invest in a networking tool that’s so cutting edge is in a good place.

That perception of success will lead to your actual success.

4. Reduce the Risk of Card Damage

Paper business cards are not durable.

They can get damaged while shipping. They can get damaged in your wallet. They can get damaged when a prospect sticks them in their pocket and consequently, could end up the garbage.

With metal business cards, you don’t have to worry about damage. Metal is every bit as durable as your company. That means that no matter what you subject it to, it will hold up and proudly tout your brand.

5. Break The Ice

One of the hardest aspects of meeting new people is getting a conversation started or “breaking the ice”.

A metal business card does that on your behalf fabulously.

Believe us when we say that a person you hand a metal business card to will 100% inquire about it. They’ll wonder where you got it, they’ll let you know how cool it is, and more.

That instant camaraderie can help you build a bridge into a client’s good graces much faster than you would be able to with a standard paper card.

6. Don’t Get Lost in the Business Card Pool

At networking events, people get hundreds of business cards. When all of those cards come home with them, some will end up in the trash and the lucky ones will get thrown in a drawer somewhere to never be seen again.

If the fate of being trashed or stored away doesn’t sound favorable to you (and it shouldn’t) you’re going to want to invest in metal business cards.

First, when people see the beauty and weight that a metal business card comes with, they’d be hard pressed to throw it away. It will almost certainly end up being a keepsake that will sit on a potential client’s desk.

Second, when a potential client goes to dump all of their cards into a drawer, the second your metal business card hits the wood and makes that “thud” noise. Your lead will take it out, give it a second look and either pile it on top of their cards or put your card on their desk.

7. Inspire Confidence in Yourself

Having a beautiful marketing tool like a metal business card isn’t about inspiring confidence in potential clients. It’s also about inspiring confidence in yourself.

The business landscape out there is a rough one. Believing in yourself enough to engage people and sell yourself is a must to succeed.

To ensure that your self-belief is as organic as possible, you can take all the spiritual wins you can get. When you see your company’s name carved into a metal business card, that’s going to feel like a big win for you.

Never underestimate the momentum wins can bring to your business’ success and prepare to enjoy an awesome win the second your shipment of metal business cards arrive.

8. Measure Up to the Country’s Top Companies

There’s no reason why your body shop isn’t every bit as good as that Audi dealer’s body shop. There’s no reason why your brand of running shoes can’t be better than Nike’s.

The only difference in the quality of your products and big company’s products is perception. And guess what, big companies are using metal business cards.

Our recommendation is to match those big brands who have already started using metal to boost their brand’s perception and beat those big brands who haven’t yet.

9. Show That You’re Here to Stay

80% of new businesses fail within a year and a half of opening their doors. That means, if you’re engaging a new client who hasn’t heard of you, chances are they’re going to be apprehensive about giving you their business.

After all, if they haven’t heard of you, how well could you be doing? Are they going to invest their trust in a brand that’s here today but will be gone tomorrow?

One of the best ways to instantly build trust in customers in regard to your company’s durability is by handing them a metal business card.

With a metal business card, people will subconsciously make connections between the durability of your marketing materials and the durability of your organization. They will also consider the investment you’ve made in your metal business cards and think to themselves that anybody who’s willing to go the extra mile with metal is likely invested in what they do.

Any “Johnny come lately” can get paper business cards printed. Doing that does nothing to inspire confidence in consumers.

Metal, however, is for the select, committed few. If you’re among those few you’ll start to reap the benefits.

10. Enjoy a Better Return on Investment

Every single one of the reasons why metal business cards are the way to go that we’ve shared support one macro goal… Getting the best return on investment.

We promise you that, despite metal business card’s increased cost over paper, the cards will pay for themselves.

Metal business cards boost conversions. They stand out. They stay on consumer’s desks as opposed to in their drawers or trashcans.

With that kind of increased value, it’s hard to quantify the exceptional return that metal cards give businesses.

Wrapping Up Why a Metal Business Card Is the Way to Go

Above we’ve outlined a plethora of reasons why a metal business card is the way to go when it comes to standing out in today’s cluttered economy.

Our recommendation is to take our advice to heart. Start stepping up your company’s marketing game with metal.

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I believe they can change yours too. It is time to read up.

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