Mindset 24 Global Review – MLM Company Rating

Mindset 24 Global Review - Read First Before Joining!

Mindset 24 Global Review – Read First Before Joining!

Ground floor opportunity to join Kevin Harrington in a new hybrid MLM / Affiliate Marketing company, Mindset 24 Global. Here is my review of this buzz-worthy network marketing business.

There’s a lot of new MLM/Affiliate hybrid companies springing up that are Bitcoin-based.

Mindset 24 Global is a company that accepts Bitcoin and pays commissions in Bitcoin INSTANTLY when an affiliate makes a commission.

Mindset 24 Global Is Old News – Join This MLM Business Now

The CEO and co-founders are Brian Mclane, Paul Nash, and marketing partner Kevin Harrington, one of the long-standing panelists on Shark Tank and creator of the “As Seen on TV.”

Kevin has been responsible for creating $4 Billion in sales and knows the Entrepreneurial landscape very well.

Kevin, along with a field of experts, including Russell Whitney Jr. (a professional keynote speaker who made $750k in one day) will be creating a massive library of valuable content as the main “digital product” in the “back office.”

What I like about digital products is that anyone can join a digital MLM, whereas if it was a physical product, like skin cream, it would not make it through customs in certain countries.

Another reason I like digital products is that right when you join you have instant access to the library of content, the “product.”

The product’s main theme or “niche” is on mindset, hence their name Mindset 24 Global.

The “24” means that everyone has 24 hours to make a better life for themselves.

How you spend your 24 is up to you. Why not get training from the best Entrepreneurs in the world on how to spend those 24 hours effectively?

The comp plan is also pretty nice with payout being 70%, along with coded bonuses and overrides.

I believe in order to sell a certain package you have to buy that package as well, which is like Digital Altitude in a sense.

So, in order to make commissions from a Series 4, you have to purchase a Series 4 yourself. There are ways to rocket up the compensation plan without buying that particular Series if you recruit large numbers.

mindset 24 global compensation plan review

rank advancing mindset 24 global

The best part, again, is the ability to get paid instantly in Bitcoin.

I think Mindset 24 Global is on the right track. The company is very new, but the potential for Kevin and the other powerhouse entrepreneurs to create a powerful library of content, which can help in all areas of your life, including personal development and finances, is going to be huge.

The only thing I am concerned with is that Mindset 24 leadership mentioned that a lot of the content for the modules will come from pre-existing content from the internet.

I don’t know about you, but if I am going to be paying for a Series 4 at $2,000 bucks I want EXCLUSIVE content only made for Mindset 24 reps.

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