10 Mistakes Network Marketing Bloggers Make

mistakes network marketing bloggers make mlm blog errors

10 Lethal Mistakes Network Marketing Bloggers Make

Blogging is a great way for getting MLM Leads, but many do it wrong. Find out the 10 Lethal Mistakes Network Marketing Bloggers Make when blogging for business.

Over 12,000 blogs are created every day, unfortunately just as many enter the blog graveyard.

Blogging is a powerful tool for MLM business owners and network marketers to get unlimited leads from around the world, 24/7.

It is so powerful that over 60% of businesses that blog acquire more customers than non-blogging businesses.

Blogging does take a lot of time and commitment, but in the long run it will benefit you with organic traffic that comes in while you sleep, work out, play on the beach, and travel.

The biggest bloggers in the industry make over $100,000 a month. It is big business and not to be taken lightly as a hobby.

If you want phenomenal results in generating leads and building a successful business you need to start a content marketing campaign by blogging.

I do a lot of research on MLM and network marketing blogs and I have compiled several articles of lists of the top MLM bloggers.

When I compiled these lists of the best bloggers, I noticed a lot of MLM blogs that weren’t doing so great.

Here’s 10 Lethal Mistakes Network Marketing Bloggers Make:
  1. Old Website Platform

Old PHP, HTML, and CSS platforms are not a great choice to keep using if you are still an active blogger. These old platforms are usually not mobile optimized, run slower, are prone to viruses and Google just doesn’t like them. Also, sites using “Flash” are more of a nuance than looking “flashy.”

  1. Header Wrong Size

When creating a website, especially a WordPress site, you can view the image requirements for your specific theme. The ideal dimension for my theme was I believe 240 Height by 1200 Width but it will vary based on your MLM blog dimensions.

When you make your image exactly this dimension, using a high quality banner image, you will look professional. Otherwise it will be blurry, not cover the width of your website header, and look amateur.

You also want to invest in a graphic designer. You can find a great banner designer on Fiverr or Upwork. Just tell them what you want and send them the photos you want added or to look like.

  1. Little Or No Website Navigation

It’s important to have not only “recent posts” at the top of your website, but it’s also important to list your categories and have your best posts spotlighted.

When I added my “top posts” widget to the right hand side of my website, I had a lot more people visiting those posts and that decreased my “Bounce Rate” also.

It’s also important to interlink your posts together and also to your other pages to create a whole spider web of pathways that Google bots can crawl easily.

  1. No Plugins, Share Buttons, Or Firewall.

If using the WordPress platform, not wordpress.com but self-hosted WordPress, you have the option of installing plugins that do many wonderful things for your blog. Here’s the top 6 plugins you absolutely need:

  1. Wordfence: Security and firewall protection.
  2. SEO by Yoast: Helps you do SEO on your posts.
  3. EWWW Image Optimizer: Compresses image size.
  4. W3 Cache: Speeds up your site.
  5. Akismet: Blocks Spam.
  6. AddtoAny: Social Share buttons.

These plugins not only speed up your site, they protect your site from hackers.

My site has been potentially attacked 17,000 times since I installed Wordfence. Pretty scary stuff.

  1. Too Many Static Pages Or Not Enough Pages

Most sites have 3 to 5 main static pages, an “About Me”, a “Blog”, a “Contact” and maybe “Services.” Some bloggers have one or two, and others have 25!

There used to be an old trick where you made a Page rather than a post and linked all the pages together, but this trick doesn’t really work anymore because each page has “thin content” which Google doesn’t like.

Having 3 to 7 main pages is fine if they have useful content and don’t just “redirect” to a business opportunity capture page or any other 302 redirect.

  1. Too Many Ads

You know those sites that have a doormat when you first arrive that covers the whole screen and you have to click “no thanks’ to see the content of the website?

That is okay, but add that to the flashing ads on the right hand side and the three popups that come when you first arrive, halfway through reading, and upon leaving and you have a busy, annoying website.

I don’t like visiting Entrepreneur or Forbes because they have video ads playing everywhere and popups attacking me from left to right!

I understand you want to monetize your blog, but a little goes a long ways. I don’t need popups or doormats to decrease my reader’s enjoyment.

I bank on the quality of my writing to capture interest, not a blinking banner ad. It is up to you, but the more ads you have, the less someone will want to return.

Besides, you should go against the grain in MLM to be successful.

Pretty soon, people are going to be so jaded about visiting spammy sites that when they visit your nice clean site with no popups they will thank you. I promise that day is coming! And ad blockers just make the decision that much easier.

  1. Font Being Too Small Or Too Large Or A Different Color

I’m sure you have been on a blog that had a black background and blue writing, or the writing was so small it was hard to read.

Readability is important to keep readers on your site. If many people leave within 10 seconds of visiting your site, that will indicate to the search engines that something’s wrong with your website.

  1. Content Irrelevant Or Bizarre Click-Bait Titles

Have you ever clicked on a title in a tweet that said something about “cute animals or celebrity mishaps” and it takes you to a porn site instead? Or, you visit a blog and they write about everything under the sun?

If you are going to be a Brand online, you want to stay consistent with what you write about. If you are a network marketer, you want to focus on aspects of network marketing.

You can get creative and write about a sub-niche within your business, like how to control anxiety when on stage or doing MLM meetings.

Of course, when your website gains more authority and age and a substantial library of posts you can venture out more, but realize there’s huge websites, like Psychology Today that covers everything on anxiety.

When you write about general terms, like MLM or network Marketing, you are competing with the big dogs, but when you venture into using “long-tail keyphrases” for your titles, like “Anxiety Reducing Tweaks MLM’ers Can use when Recruiting” you will get more traffic in the long run.

  1. No Traffic To Your Blog

If you are writing a lot of posts and you have no traffic there’s a few things you can do.

  • Make sure your site has been added to top search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Make sure your site is indexed with Google. You can submit your sitemap to your webmaster tools. Google this if you don’t know how to do that.
  • You can “Ping” your website or a new article on your blog. Pingomatic is good for this.
  • Share your own articles on social media. I get half of my website traffic from Twitter. Start following people on Twitter if you want more views. You can also send an automated direct message to your new followers on Twitter to tell them to go read an article or page on your site. Use your own share buttons. Share your new posts on Stumbleupon, Reddit and Scoopit.
  • Send your new post to your email list. If you don’t have one, start one.
10. Abandoned Blog

There are too many blogs that died on the web. These were people who lost their motivation, because they didn’t see results quick enough. Blogging for business is not an overnight act.

Let’s just say it takes about two years of blogging before you see any action. That is why it is imperative to write about something you enjoy talking about, otherwise you will lose steam 3 to 6 months in.

Blogging can get seriously nasty, as far as seeing results, but when the traffic does start coming in it can be a huge tidal wave of traffic as your blog picks up momentum.

This feeling is the best thing in the world and it keeps going. MLM blogging pays big dividends for months or years to come, potentially even longer.

Your blog can get you home from that dead-end job, and it can change a few lives as well.

There is no better feeling than getting a comment from a reader who was so appreciative of my blog article.

It truly is life-changing and is worth the hustle! Now read about the top MLM bloggers in the world for some great blogging examples.