MLM Consulting: How To Thrive In Network Marketing

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Are you interested in starting a new MLM business, but you don’t know how to start? Or, you did MLM in the past, but you didn’t make any money?

After struggling for years in MLM, I finally found what worked and went on to generate over 60,000 leads and recruit over 800 people personally. Let me help you with an MLM consultation within this article.

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First of all, I have to say it: If I can succeed in MLM so can you. 

No, I really mean that. . .

I had no friends, moved to a new city and old friends drank and I didn’t anymore. Parents thought it was a pyramid scheme, and I hated Facebook.

I had to start my MLM business literally not knowing anyone I could share my business with.

So, I decided to start promoting my business directly into the cold market, meaning to people who didn’t know me.

Now, on top of not knowing anyone, I was extremely introverted. I barely left the house. Going to the gym was nerve-wracking enough. I had to find people to share my MLM opportunity with, but how?

I tried talking to people in the sauna at the gym about my business and as you can probably imagine it was really awkward. I decided to use Twitter and just tweet out my business link. See, when you join an MLM business these days they give you your own personalized websites to share.

That didn’t work so well, so I decided to send my website link through the direct message option in Twitter. That got a better response, so I just did that more.

That’s the first lesson: Increase what is working. I added 5 more Twitter accounts and followed a 1,000 people a day just so my automated Twitter message with my business link would go out to more people.

I’m not saying use Twitter, I’m saying that you have to share your website link to a ton of people consistently over time to start building a thriving mlm business. No traffic means no new signups.

About a year into my MLM business it was going really slow and I asked my sponsor what I should do: he simply said I needed to share my website with more people and generate more leads.

It’s that simple.

You basically need two things to make your MLM business very successful:

Join an MLM company that has an automated email system that emails your leads for you (when you generate a lead)

Two, generate 20 leads a day or more and let the company email your leads.

It’s that simple. More traffic, more leads, equals more people signing up.

I was never good at calling leads, emailing leads, doing 3-way calls, doing home parties or hotel meetings, or events. I wanted to stay home and generate leads on autopilot – and get sign-ups.

Now, I work around one hour a day because I have both those things I mentioned: plenty of leads and an MLM company that emails my leads for me.

As an MLM consultant, I want to share with you my two favorite MLM opportunities for 2019-2020 and beyond.

They cover different niches and different markets so there is no competition issue.

If you decide to join one after taking the free business tour, there is a one-time starter fee of $20US plus product.

After you take the free business tour you will get a series of emails from the company you decided to check out. This is the magic I am talking about. The emails are compelling and are what got me started in MLM back in 2014 in the first place.

 Both companies are over 5 years old and are in the stage of massive momentum and international expansion. Both companies have awesome products, high commissions, the automated email system, and a great CEO.

If you decide to join an MLM through me I will also show you my #1 lead generation technique for that company. Like I said before, leads are everything for you to finally have success with MLM.

They are exploding, so the income potential is still huge.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the other side of MLM growth.

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