MLM Newbies Buy Leads But MLM Leaders Do This

MLM is the most exciting business model on the planet and millions of people enjoy the rewards of being a home business distributor. But, there is a big difference between leaders and newbies. Here are my thoughts on MLM Newbies Buy Leads – MLM Leaders Do This for network marketing profits.

Here Is The Network Marketing Company Converting The Most Leads

Most people, when they join MLM, start from scratch. They don’t have a lot of social influence and don’t know how to promote their business to the cold market.

Newbies usually recruit 5 to 20 people, who they know, into their business then hit a wall. They don’t know how to promote their business to people they don’t know, aka the “cold market.”

So, newbies have to spend money on MLM leads or Traffic if they want to grow their business past their friends and family. However, buying leads and traffic can cost thousands of dollars and if you don’t know how to “close” them you are throwing away a lot of money.

So, What Do the Leaders Do that Newbies Don’t?

If you are serious about building a long-term income stream with MLM you have to start doing what all the leaders are doing: Creating content.

That is right. Think of MLM has a 3 to 5 year endeavor, but something you will be building the rest of your life.

What is the one thing that stays on the internet practically forever? The answer is content.

MLM Leaders create content that stays online forever, i.e. ebooks, videos, blog articles, etc.


A video a leader did in 2012 is still generating that leader 10 leads a month.

An article a leader wrote in 2010 is still generating 5 leads a month.

An ebook a leader wrote in 2015 is still generating 30 leads a month.

Those leads add up to several new recruits per month for that leader, even if that leader has been in the same company for 15 years and isn’t actively recruiting.

Every piece of content a leader did is potentially a lead generator.

If that leader has 2000 articles on his MLM blog, that’s potentially 2,000 opportunities to create leads around the clock.

Content can generate leads for you while you sleep.

Content keeps generating leads even when it only took you one hour to create it.

Content can generate fresh leads even if the content is a decade old.

If you are serious about creating a fortune with MLM, you have to start creating a library of content.


Ray Higdon has over 2000 articles on his blog.

Eric Worre has over 1000 videos on YouTube.

Jordan Adler and Randy Gage have best selling ebooks.

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These leaders are growing every year, even if they are not in the trenches recruiting.

Most MLM newbies will hit a wall because they can’t get past their warm market.

Creating content allows you to prospect the cold market, which is where most of your income will come from.

Who would you rather have in your business? Your uncle who did MLM 20 years ago who can barely copy and paste their name on Facebook, or an online marketer who has 20,000 followers on Instagram and wants to build their MLM business huge right now?

You would find online marketers like that when creating content. You won’t find many leaders in your immediate circle of friends and family.

Breaking through into the cold market is exciting because you will meet so many different people from so many different backgrounds.

You could even find a million-dollar earner from the cold market, or you could find someone who knows a leader from another MLM company looking for a new home.

The possibilities are unlimited in the cold market.

Right now in 2023 over 5,500 people are joining MLM every single day. If you have content online, these potential leaders could find you.

If you are just relying on your uncle and mom to become leaders, chances are you are missing bigger fish out there.

When I started MLM in 2014, I went right to the cold market because I didn’t have any friends and my parents thought MLM was a pyramid scheme.

I used mainly Twitter to recruit more than 100 people my first 18 months. Twitter is basically dead now but the point is, you could use any other social media platform and create content to tap into the cold market right now! Just create a video and say hello world and your MLM lead gen dreams will start coming true!