MLM Training Tips And Slideshare Decks

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Training Time: Network Marketing Slideshare PowerPoints For Beginner Basics

Are you tired of trying to make money online and you just haven’t done so yet with network marketing? Is your MLM only paying you pennies, or worse are you losing money from your multi-level marketing investment?

It is a tough economy out there and the MLM industry is getting more competitive each day. Network marketers around the world are pushing and pulling to compete for leads, customers, and downlines. It is very important that you know some of the MLM basics to survive and thrive in this global recession.

I get a lot of questions on how to build a home-based business correctly and how to make good money with the network marketing business, so here are my most downloaded Slideshares.

How to start a home-based business the right way walks you through the beginning of starting your MLM business.

An effective quick start guide can be used as a guideline for yourself and then can be shared with your team downline.

The secret to home-based businesses gives you the lowdown on how to really work network marketing so it doesn’t work you.

The cycle of wealth shows you how to become an authority and brand yourself in network marketing, which will attract more leads to you and explode your business.

Why your prospects don’t care really means that they want to know about YOU more than the product. Really, it doesn’t matter what the product is if you lead with the business opportunity.

How to stop burning bridges gives you relief knowing you don’t have to push your network marketing biz onto your friends and family because they are not your ideal prospects anyways.


When I began network marketing I had an idea on how to promote it because I was already promoting my ebooks online. My primary social media platform was Twitter and I began tweeting my network marketing opportunity with a little success, but I was still spamming and not providing value.

When I switched to adding content and value to my tweets, then things changed. Here are some Slideshares that will help with your social media efforts for MLM below.

These are 27 Tweets I used in the beginning of my promoting my home-based business. You can tweak them anyway you want for your MLM social selling strategy. Tweet variation, rich media, timing, hashtags, and consistency all help your MLM social media marketing.

Automation is key with internet marketing and putting your business on autopilot because there’s not enough hours in the day to manually prospect a thousand distributors into your downline! MLM automation is a must in 2023 and beyond if you want to succeed!


Mindset matters in MLM! For the longest time I always kicked myself for screwing something up or not utilizing this or not benefiting from that and well, my failures put me right where I need to be today to fully understand, comprehend and go full force into my dreams of MLM success. It is time to master multi-level marketing by learning and earning!