2 Top MLM Niches To Make Money With

mlm to make money with

Each MLM business has a certain feel and a certain type of customer and distributor. Some MLM companies attract the old-school crowd who want to prospect belly to belly, and then you have the newer MLMs that attract the millennials and the social media savvy crowd.

Today, I am going to share my two favorite MLM companies to make money with in today’s market.

I discovered MLM when I was looking for a natural product to help my anxiety, plus I was only getting one time sales with affiliate marketing and I wanted true residual income, a check that came in every month whether I worked or not – like a royalty check musicians get for an album they created 20 years ago.

The first thing I loved about the MLM I joined in 2014, besides the awesome brain supplement, was that all reps got “landing pages” to promote their business and generate leads. But, what was really exciting was the autoresponder attached to the landing page that emailed my prospects for me. 

Basically, the MLM company had a built-in sales funnel in place for us, so we didn’t really have to call or email our leads if we didn’t want to. As an introvert, that was music to my ears, plus I hated being on the phone, especially trying to “convince” someone to join my business. And, I couldn’t write a convincing email if my life depended on it!

So, I basically just needed to get people to take the free business tour to see the business, look around, then receive a series of emails that eventually got them excited enough to join.

This has been the way I have built MLM ever since then. I just learned how to generate leads every day and around the weekly cutoff I would have a 2-3 new people join my business because of the emails.

In the last 6 years I have generated over 60k leads and recruited around 850 people in 3 different MLM companies( every company had that automated email system). I am not saying you have to generate 60,000 leads to grow your MLM business. I was just prospecting to people who didn’t know me, but you can generate far less leads, especially with the MLM companies I am about to show you.

Why Two MLM Companies? Which Ones Will Make Money?

As an internet marketer, I look at where the MLM products are available, and how easy is it to promote them using paid advertising. I also look at trends in countries and what products would align best with their interests.

Also, as I have raved about in the beginning of this post, the MLM business must have high-definition websites for us and the automated email system. I won’t touch a MLM business that doesn’t have these in place. I am not about to set up Aweber or build a sales funnel from scratch, and the phone is off-limits. 

I literally have boiled my MLM work day down to one hour, and part of that awesomeness is having the sales funnel already built by corporate. I just fill the hopper with leads daily and while I sleep.

Lastly, the company has to be growing every month and be in the momentum stage. People have to be joining more than leaving the company. That sounds like common sense, but many people don’t look at the company’s trajectory when they sign-up.

Make Money in One MLM First

Here is the thing: if you can’t make money in one MLM you probably can’t in two MLM companies – product and a great comp plan can’t save you if you can’t generate leads and sales in one.

A big MLM leader can go into any MLM and make success – it is all about mindset, consistency, and work ethic. So, get your income up to at least $2,000 a month in one company before thinking of two.

However, if you want the big bucks you should laser-focus on one for a few years, because your team is going to want your undivided attention and commitment.

That being said: ‘What Are the Two MLM Niches to Make Money with??’

Both these MLM companies are growing rapidly. One is great for the American market, some northern Europe and a couple countries in Africa. The other MLM is more global and is greatly loved in Asia, and the rest of the world.

Here are some growth pics of each multi-level marketing company:

#1 is a CBD MLM: Mostly in America. Very popular products as you know. Company is exploding with over 768,000 reps and customers and 190% annualized growth.

Cons: You can’t really talk about the potential health benefits, and very hard to promote with paid advertising. Google and Bing won’t accept CBD ads so you are left with friends and family, and solo ads.

#2 is a Coffee MLM: Available in almost every country. Easy to promote with ads. No compliance issues. Phenomenal growth. Huge markets opening in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Powerful weight-loss testimonials from the coffee, along with 23 other cutting-edge products.

There you have it! I believe these two network marketing companies and niches are the best of the best right now, and you can definitely make money with both of them.