Do I Need Experience To Do Network Marketing?

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Many people jump into network marketing thinking it will be easy money. They then give up. So, Do You Actually Need Experience for Network Marketing or direct selling?

Think of this scenario:

You have been in college now for four years.

You have studied very hard to get where you are, and have spent many sleepless nights cramming for tests, and holding a part-time job as well.

Your new roommate is a freshman. (Seniors and freshman probably don’t room together, but this is a hypothetical example.)

The Senior is to graduate in a month and is studying hard as the Freshman unpacks his belongings from home onto his bunk bed.

The Freshman looks over at the Senior and says:

“Do you think I can graduate with you next month? I am already ready mentally to become an engineer.”

Now, doesn’t this sound crazy?

Is it realistic?

Of course not!

But, most brand new people in network marketing think this way.

They look at the MLM leaders who are making over $10k a month and want the same thing with absolutely no work or training.

Why is this?

Most newbies still think that network marketing is NOT a real profession.

They still think it is a “lottery ticket” or a “Pyramid scheme” and think that just joining qualifies them as a “winner” to big amounts of money.

So, Do You Need Experience to do Network Marketing?

Quick story.

I was in my 30’s and wanted to sell life insurance.

I found a school that offered a two week intensive training program.

It was 80 hours of study just so I could sell Casualty and Home insurance.

80 hours is a lot of training for selling one product.

Network marketing is kind of like selling insurance.

There’s a certain way to invite, prospect, recruit, handle objections, and close.

On top of those skills, you need to be internet savvy these days.

If creating a profile on social media is a struggle for you, how do you expect to compete with network marketers who dominate social media?

Most newbies in network marketing watch a few training videos and they think they’re ready to prospect.

Two training videos equals maybe an hour.

That’s 1/80th of the training I needed just to sell insurance.

Do you really think you can make $10,000 a month by watching two training videos?

Network marketing is a $200 Billion a year industry with over 100 million distributors.

Do you think you are competitive amongst 100 million people who want success just as badly as you?

If you have an MLM blog, do you think your 5 articles can compete with the top MLM bloggers who have over 1000+ articles on theirs?

I am not trying to be harsh, I am setting realistic expectations.

That is what kills people fast in this business.


They don’t think MLM is real so they dump their $100 on it and “give it a shot.”

Do you give a $75,000 college education a shot?”

Do you tell your professor in Physics: “I will give it a try for a month.”

Of course not!

So, why is MLM that way. . .

When in actuality the people who treat network marketing like a real profession laugh last?

Throw “give it a shot” out of your vocabulary for anything you want to work, not just network marketing.

If you really want success in anything there will be months or years before you start gaining success.

There will be nights that you cry, or you are sore from a workout, or you are so tired you want to vomit.

Life isn’t a cakewalk and neither is network marketing.

Learn how to build a home business the right way. Network marketing has the word “work” in it literally.

Watch as much training as possible, take copious notes, and get a mentor and buckle up for at least the next 3 to 5 years. Then you can finally achieve MLM success!