Need Money Now? A Guide to Making a Quick Buck

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Are you itching to make a few bucks?

Could you use a windfall of cash right about now?

With the US unemployment rate skyrocketing during the pandemic crisis, there is a serious need for ways to make money quickly, legally, and easily. If you need money now, incorporate a few of the following suggestions into your daily or weekly routine. While some of these ways to make money take a bit of effort, many of them will help you turn a profit quickly. They might be fun to pursue as well. You never know until you try to make cash quickly with these 7 savvy strategies.

7 Tips To Make Money Quickly

1. Rent a Room

Do you have a spare room in your house?

Even if it’s not ideal to invite strangers into your home, renting a room might be financially worth it for you. The average rate to rent a single room across the US went up by 4.2 percent from 2018 to 2019.

If your room is clean, spacious, and convenient, you may be able to pull in up to 1060 dollars a month by renting it. A separate entrance and a separate bathroom for your guests are enticing bonuses. You can also choose to offer free WiFi and other utilities to sweeten the deal.

2. Collect Recyclables

What do you do with all those cans and bottles after you guzzle down your preferred store-bought beverages?

Hopefully you don’t throw them away. Dropping off your cans and bottles at a recycling center can net you a pretty penny.

While you collect your own cans, why not pick up other people’s containers for recycling too? You can look for stray cans on your own while taking a walk; you’ll be cleaning up littered sidewalks and getting rewarded for it.

Alternately, why not take an easier avenue and simply ask if anyone has cans for you to pick up and dispose of? Not everyone has the time or the patience to wash, count, and drop off bottles and cans at a designated recycling center. They may be more than willing to let you do this chore for them.

3. Flip a Property

Have you ever invested in real estate?

If not yet, now may be a good time to venture into flipping houses or other properties. this business model takes some effort and practice, but it’s a good way to make some quick cash. Once you’ve flipped a few properties, you’ll get the hang of doing so, and you’ll develop a knack for which properties to invest in.

To flip a property, you take these simple steps:

  • Buy a property
  • Fix it up
  • Sell it for a profit

If you have a willing crew of people to help you fix up your properties, you’re on the path to success. Suggest this business venture to a couple of potential partners for an increase in profit and shared responsibility.

You can even buy and sell vacant land, which means you won’t have to bother with renovating actual buildings. If you learn how to sell land quick, you can turn a profit a few times a year.

4. Sell Your Opinion

Do you love to share your opinion?

If so, contributing your time to market research may be your own personal Holy Grail. Companies across all industries are willing to pay big bucks for your opinion on anything ranging from their products to their customer service.

The best part is: You can make that cash by offering your opinion virtually. Online surveys and focus groups pay in points, gift cards, and even in cash sent directly via check or PayPal.

5. Teach English

Are you fluent in English?

If so, that’s not just an asset to list on a resume; it’s a skill you can put to work for some quick money.

In many cases, you don’t even need a teaching degree to offer your services as an English teacher. Teach English as a second language online to Asian or European students, for example. You can even find local people who will pay you to practice conversational English with them in person.

Also, if you are great at teaching the delicate nuances of grammar and sentence structure, you can even become an English tutor. Find grade school or high school students who struggle with literature or Language Arts classes, and offer your services to them. Most parents are willing to pay top dollar for reliable tutors.

6. Do Ridesharing

If driving is your way of relaxing, behold this next quick money-making tip: It’s relatively easy to become a rideshare driver.

People who drive for companies like Uber and Lyft make an average of 364 dollars a month from their gig. Of course, this value fluctuates depending on how often you drive, which area you live in, and how many rides you give during peak hours.

If you are not a people person and need money now, you can deliver food instead. Companies like Uber Eats and Grubhub operate in nearly every US city. They offer hungry people a rich variety of dine-in options, and they offer people like you a convenient way to make a quick buck.

7. Do Small Errands When You Need Money Now

Nearly every kind of errand can be turned into a money-making task. Whatever people are not willing (or unable) to do themselves, they will pay for someone else to carry it out for them.

For instance, you can make money mowing lawns, painting houses, and walking dogs. those may sound like teenage gigs to you, but they’re still a legitimate way to make some cash as an adult. Since you’re an adult, you may come across as more responsible and reliable than a teenager. Therefore, you may be hired more often, and you can charge a higher rate per hour.

Make That Money

Which of the above is your favorite money-making venture when you need money now?

If you need money now, combine several of the above ideas or take them on one by one. Having several small income streams may work to your advantage.

For more tips on personal finance, running a business, or making money in general, come back to our blog weekly. We offer interesting takes on ways for you to increase your income and keep your head above water even during the toughest of economies.