How Network Marketers Can Gain An Immigrant Mentality

It takes a lot of ambition and drive to become successful in network marketing. Immigrants tend to do well in MLM, here is why.

Do you have a special movie or song that you play in order to keep pressing on in your home business?

One of my favorite movies is a documentary about New York City.

I believe it is a 10 DVD set that covers the entire history of New York City.

One of my favorite episodes is when there is a massive exodus of immigrants coming from all over the world to land in America, on the streets of NYC for the very first time.

These were immigrants.

Many had little money and couldn’t even speak English.

But, they all had one thing in common:

They wanted a better life that they felt America could provide.

They went to work immediately.

They hustled and sold whatever they could, even one farm fresh egg.

The Winters were in the negatives and the Summers were over hundred.

They worked hundreds of feet in the air, building skyscrapers, and danced all night in clubs.

I watch this episode at least twice a year because I want to remember how brutal it was for the first settlers who arrived in this country.

I want that same intensity for my writing of this blog and building my network marketing business.

Another movie I love is Shawshank Redemption

Do you know why?

It is because in prison there is hard work and routine.

You have to hustle, but not like the immigrants of NYC, but a hustle to stay alive in prison.

It took Andy (main character in Shawshank) 19 years to break out of prison by digging a tunnel through the immense wall using a tiny “rock hammer.”

To me, this is extremely tenacious and consistent.

Andy dug a little from the wall each night for 19 years and deposited the crumbled rock from his pant leg to the prison yard everyday.

His routine set him free.

It is the right routine that will set you free in network marketing.

The problem is, we are comfortable enough not to change our life for the better.

Having an immigrant mentality means you are in a foreign land (new network marketing business) and you need to survive at any cost (to escape dead-end job and create financial freedom.)

Where Is Your Fire?

My fire came from my failures.

My fire came from alcohol and addictions.

My fire came from barely eating and living on loans. . .

My fire came from cooking for $11 an hour and having a heart-attack at 32.

Where is your fire?

The business is already here for you.

That part is easy.

The hard part is finding what makes you keep going, whether for your kids, your health, or because of some type of poverty or hardship.

We all deserve more, and opportunities are disappearing left and right in our new economy.

Computers can do a lot of we used to do.

Jobs are being outsourced or terminated completely.

Network marketing is growing.

It is a business about helping people.

It is not a corporate position screwing you over.

It is a family of people, like immigrants, who want to change not only the occupation landscape, but how to empower the entire human race.

Where is your fire?

Find it to succeed in multi-level marketing, affiliate sales, or direct selling.

And let’s rock in MLM!