Network Marketing: Defeat Attrition by Getting 4 Paid Affiliates a Month

Network Marketing: Defeat Attrition by Getting 4 Paid Affiliates a Month

Network Marketing: Defeat Attrition by Getting 4 Paid Affiliates a Month

Network marketing can be frustrating because of Attrition. Over 90% of your downline will eventually quit. Here’s what to do about attrition.

The most excruciating aspect of network marketing is that people quit.

Over 90% of the people who join your business will eventually quit.

It’s not your fault.

This happens in every network marketing company no matter how awesome you think your company is.

Heck, I was being generous with that number.

A couple years ago, I heard that 97% quit MLM after a period of time.

Did that bother me?


Because I learned a formula from the experts.

Here’s How to Defeat Attrition by Getting 4 Paid Affiliates a Month

What the MLM leaders taught me, over 3 years ago, is that you need to keep generating leads daily, because network marketing teams thrive on momentum.

If you stop generating leads several negative things happen:

  1. The automated email system won’t send out as many emails to your prospects. (if you’re in my company, you know what emails I’m talking about.)
  2. Your team, or downline, usually copy the upline, meaning you. So, if you stop generating leads, then they will usually stop also.
  3. If you stop generating leads and getting at least 4 paid affiliates a month, your team will die.

Why 4 Paid Affiliates?

Attrition is like a horrible virus.

It will come into your MLM business and wreak havoc.

This virus is very common, even if you have the best team in the world.

How does this virus get into your network marketing business?


People get distracted.

They like to quit things that don’t show immediate results.

They watch TV rather than learning how to generate more leads.

They treat their home business like a little side hobby.

They treat their home business like a “lottery ticket.”

They see a new MLM that is exciting and flashy and switch companies.

You get the point. . .

That’s how the MLM virus starts.

If the virus gets bad enough, you can lose entire organizations and have to start over.

Here’s How You Disinfect the MLM Virus

The only real way to kill the MLM virus is to replace your quitters with new Paid Affiliates.

Yes, that’s it!

Network marketing leaders state:

“It’s easier to get fresh blood rather than reviving the dead.”

Or, something like that. . .

Translated, that means:

“Get 4 new paid affiliates a month to replace the people who quit.”

Again, why 4?

Okay, here’s the formula:

50% of the paid affiliates that join your business will quit right away.

If you only recruit 1 to 2 paid affiliates, they will most likely be gone in a month or two.

But, if you get a minimum of 4 paid affiliates and 2 quit right away, that leaves you with 2 new paid affiliates each month.

2 Paid affiliates will be 24 paid affiliates in a year.

96 paid affiliates in 4 years.

Out of 96 paid affiliates, you’ll find 3 to 5 leaders on your team who generate 90% of your income.

That’s right.

Network marketing pays so well that you really only need 3 to 5 team leaders to create a huge residual income for you.

It’s worth it to keep recruiting to find those 3 to 5 leaders.

Don’t worry about the chickens who come and go.

Look for the eagles that want to soar and get your company exposed to thousands of people around the world!

To Summarize: Network Marketing: Defeat Attrition by Getting 4 Paid Affiliates a Month

Network marketing is truly a “numbers game” when you get down to the bone.

Yes, it’s about building relationships. . .

Yes, it’s about becoming a selfless leader. . .

Yes, you should help your team before yourself. . .

But, it’s still a numbers game at the end of the day and you have to generate leads daily to get your 4 paid affiliates.

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