Network Marketing: How to Get Paid Affiliates from Another Country

Network Marketing: How to Get Paid Affiliates from Another Country

Network Marketing: How to Get Paid Affiliates from Another Country

What’s exciting about network marketing these days is that you can grow a international business. Here’s how to get Paid Affiliates from another country.

There’s many great benefits from growing an international team.

Most international teams are self-motivated because they know you can’t train them in person.

They’re also are more likely to make it work because many international countries have a very low Gross Domestic Per Capita, meaning that the average person living in a particular country may only make $5,000 US dollars a year.

Most Americans don’t have the same kind of drive as international distributors because we want to get paid $27 an hour for putting a fender on a car in an automobile plant.

So, Here’s How to Get Paid Affiliates from Another Country

There’s 3 main ways to get leads and paid affiliates from another country:

One – Twitter

On Twitter, decide which country you want to target.

For this entire post I will use Kenya as an example.

The first thing you want to do is go to the search bar in Twitter.

It’s at the very far top right. It says “Search Twitter.”

Type in Kenya.

And then scroll down to where it says “Search all people for Kenya.

how to target leads in another country

Click on that and it will show everyone associated with “Kenya,” starting with the most popular at the top.

Scroll down until you see a Kenyan who looks like an Entrepreneur.

I found a Twitter account called “Techsoup Kenya.”

target leads twitter

As you can see, TechSoup Kenya has 1,004 followers. I always follow the “followers” of someone, NOT who they are “following.”

Now, click on the followers and slowly scroll down and hand select male or female people who look like they are business-minded.

Twitter only allows you to follow 40 to 1000 a day depending on your account size and age.

If you do happen to get “locked out” you can request a code through email or text to get back in.

Once you get back in don’t follow for the rest of the day.

You will then get new followers from Kenya who will get your automated direct message from Statusbrew, which will lead to them signing up through your company-provided landing page.

Two – Facebook Targeted Ads

I’m not going into detail here, but you can create a “post” and then set up an ad for it.

You can really refine your targeted audience with Facebook.

You could select:


Men 30 to 45 years old

Likes Business.

Then you create a “story post.”

A story post is basically your “rags to riches” story, how you struggled with internet marketing, but now you have discovered the best home business with a “done-for-you” recruiting system.

You can even put a picture of the Kenyan flag at the top of your post.

Then, at the bottom of the post, either leave a link to your landing page, get people to “PM” you, or direct them to your blog.

Careful, Facebook is cracking down on landing page links.

Three – Blog Posts

I usually get leads from a country that I write about on my blog.

For example:

  1. Top MLM Company for Network Marketers in Gauteng, Africa
  2. 5 Important Steps for Africans interested in MLM in 2017
  3. Best U.S. MLM for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2017

These are actual articles I wrote because I wanted leads from those countries.

It actually works!

If you were a doctor in Kenya and wanted to attract other doctors to your MLM opportunity, you could write an article called:

  1. Seeking Kenyan Doctors for Residual Income Opportunity
  2. Best Network Marketing Company for Kenyan Doctors
  3. Best Supplements for Entrepreneurial Doctors in Kenya

It might take 3 to 6 months for your article to rise in Google, but you will get leads if your article is at least 600 words and has a clear “call-to-action” at the bottom of the post.

You can disguise the “call-to-action” by making it look like a “P.S.” statement.


“P.S.We’re looking for individuals who are success-driven with a desire to make Extra Income from Home. If you’d like more information, please click the button to take a FREE Tour:(link)”

Adding a “P.S.” makes you less spammy and desperate.

It’s produces a kind of like  “By the way” feeling.

To Conclude: Network Marketing: How to Get Paid Affiliates from Another Country

Getting leads from other countries is truly exciting.

It kind of satisfies the little boy in me who collected stamps growing up.

I was always fascinated by the colorful and crazy stamps from other countries.

There still might be a communication gap between you and your international leads, but if you gain their trust and they join you, you can develop giant teams that are almost self-sufficient in all parts of the world!

Thanks for reading!

Btw, If you need more MLM Leads, please go to the About Erik Page for more info.

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