Network Marketing Lead Generation Tips Using Bing Ads

Not many people know how to use Bing ads properly for their home business. Here are Network Marketing Lead Generation Secrets Using Bing Ads.

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Bing ads can be powerful if you know how to use them effectively.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can waste a lot of money very quickly.

I blew $50 bucks my first night alone, and that is even after watching several really good YouTube videos on the subject.

Here Are Network Marketing Lead Generation Secrets Using Bing Ads

First thing I like to do is come up with a few problems that people have so I can provide them my solution: a network marketing home-based business.

Here are 5 common things people struggle with:

  1. Too much stress
  2. Not enough time
  3. Not enough money
  4. Not enough Retirement
  5. Not healthy enough

With Bing’s ad formatting, it is easy to place the problem in the beginning of the title. Then, the solution in the other half.

Like this:

Too Tired after Work? Start a Home Business Here

Problem = Solution

Then, you get a short description underneath, called the “Text ad.”

You could say:

“For Overworked professionals seeking a residual income stream.”

So, first thing you do is after you create your Bing Ads account is:

Create a Campaign:

create campaign bing

Click on “Visits to my website.

New window will open.

Now, name your campaign.

Then scroll down to “Campaign Budget.”

Set price to $5.00

Then, scroll to “Location.”

Select “Let me choose specific locations.”

Now, type in country you want and click the magnifying glass in the country search bar.

Click “target” when the country appears.

Select your countries one by one.

If you only select United States, you won’t get enough traffic, so select about 10 countries.

Make sure your company’s product is available in those countries!

Now, this is important:

See under the map, it says:

Who? Who should see your ads?

This is where I lost a lot of money.

I had both boxes checked.

The one that drains your bank account is the box that says:

“People searching for or viewing pages about your targeted locations.”

If you think about this statement, you would realize that anyone in the world can be searching about your targeted locations, which defeats the whole purpose of hand selecting countries.

So, uncheck this box, but leave the one that says:

“People in your targeted locations” Checked.

Click save and move on to next step.

Ad Group Name and Keywords

Then, name the “ad group” the same as your campaign.

Enter Keywords:

This step will make or break your ad.

Some people use 1 to 5 keywords, I like to use the maximum.

The max amount of keywords you can use is 1,000.

I start with general keywords and then generate tons of keywords from that search.

I use:

Home Business

Money Online

Network marketing


You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to generate hundreds of keywords fast.

After entering your keywords, click “Save & go to the next step.”

Creating your Ad:

I use the “expanded ad text” version for the ad creation.

Final URL: This is your opportunity link with source code.

Title Part 1: Problem part of title: example: Too Tired After Work?

Title Part 2: Solution part of title: example: Work from Home Today

Path: Your link again, but leave out source code, use only your username.

Ad Text: What are you offering? Example:

“Work from home with best turnkey online business.”

Add your full link again with source code for the mobile URL.

Click save.

Now, I just hit the “Campaigns” tab at the top and it will take me back to ad groups.

It will ask if you want to leave, just click leave.

Now, you see “All Campaigns”

Click “Ad Groups”

Scroll down to see your new ad group you created.

It will have a pause symbol next to it.

Check its box and scroll up to “Edit” and click “Enable.”

Your ad is now running! You can start generating leads with Bing PPC advertising.

Important Stats to Watch

The best way to see if your pay-per click ads are doing well is to look at the stats that Bing gives you in your dashboard.

I am not too much of a geek about analytics, so my understanding is basic, but I know enough.

The most important stats are:

Clicks – You obviously want lots of clicks on your ads.

CTR – Means “Click through Rate.” A good CTR is above 1% but I don’t really care about this as long as I get clicks. You only pay for the “clicks” in “cost per click” advertising anyway.

Average CPC – Means “Average Cost Per Click.” This matters to me. I want the least expensive clicks. I average 4 cents a click.

Spend – This is self-explanatory. This is how much you spent already.

Avg. Pos. – This is where your ad shows up in Bing’s search. Ideally, you want 4.00 and lower. 1.00 basically is the first spot which is what you want.

If your position is below a 4.00, add a hundred more keywords and watch it.

There you have it Bing advertisers!

Overall this is nice and easy for better Bing Ads.

Control Your Traffic!

If you feel like you’re losing control of your campaign and spending too much money, here is what you can do:

  • Lower overall bid on campaign. If it is already at .05 cents then,
  • Delete a country or two.
  • Uncheck box in countries tab that says include anyone searching for that country, like we talked about already.

If you DON’T have enough traffic, add keywords and countries and raise bid by a couple cents.

Bing is awesome at giving you concise recommendations on what to do to raise traffic.

Add their keywords when they give them to you. Should see a yellow lightbulb in your “ad groups” page.

Click on it for suggestions. New accounts won’t see this right away. Give it a week.

Careful implementing a lot of their suggestions to raise bid price on a certain keyword. Your cost will increase greatly if you’re not careful!

The Secret to Network Marketing Lead Generation Using Bing Ads

You can always go back in to any ad or ad group and add keywords.

Bing is very supportive and once in awhile they will suggest keywords to help improve the traffic to your ad.

The secret to advertising on Bing is to constantly tweak your ads until you think they are at their best!

Also, creating just one ad won’t do it.

Just like you need hundreds of blog posts or videos to generate a steady stream of leads, you need lots of ads.

I currently have 30 ads running.

If you find an ad that is performing really well, you can increase your daily spend limit on that ad.

If your ad is doing miserable, you can tweak the title and add more keywords.

If that doesn’t help, just delete it.

Eventually, you’ll have your top 10 ads and you’ll be happy.

I never increase my overall bid.

It always stays at .05 cents.

Sometimes I get a hit on a keyword for 2 or 3 cents.

Also, check on your keywords for each ad from time to time and delete the keywords that are getting untargeted traffic, such as:

“Online typing jobs” or “SEO”

These keywords won’t get you people looking for a network marketing business.

Imagine Your Ads as a Giant Ice Sculpture

In the beginning of your ad campaign, I would create a bulk of ads.

This is like your giant ice block.

Then, slowly start tweaking ad titles and keywords and watch your average ad position.

You will also start to remove keywords that aren’t relevant and add new ones that are.

Eventually, your ice block will be a powerful sculpture that generates 15+ leads a day or more.

This is not an overnight, create one time and forget ad campaign.

You are slowly crafting a giant lead generation magnet and it should be taken seriously, for one, it’s your business, number two, you could lose a lot of money if you jump in with no PPC advertisement analyzing.

Thanks for reading! Comment below what is working for you!

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