Why MLM Leaders Do Training Videos For Their Teams

Why Network Marketing Leaders Do Training Videos for Their Team

Why Network Marketing Leaders Do Training Videos for Their Team

Most network marketing companies have a main leader who does a lot of training videos. Here is Why MLM Training Videos are important for building your biz.

You may have noticed network marketing leaders with tons of video on YouTube.

So why do they do that?

It seems fruitless to an outsider, but if you are wanting to build a big team inside network marketing, you need to read this!

Here is Why Network Marketing Leaders Do Training Videos for Their Team

It is truly exciting when your team in network marketing starts growing and you don’t have enough time to speak to all of them.

“MLM loves momentum” and once you get enough leaders on your team who are building their own teams, you will hit momentum.

Momentum will start and your team will grow exponentially.

This is a type of “good stress.”

I rather have my team growing too fast than not at all!

So, What’s Up with So Many Videos?

Some of the best trainers have well over 500 videos on YouTube:

  • Randy Gage has 495 videos on his “Prosperity TV”
  • Matt Morris (who has a million people on his team) has 480 videos.
  • Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro) has 1,600 videos.
Todd Falcone Helps My Daily Choice Reps with MLM Training

Todd Falcone – Fearless Networking – MLM trainer

  • Todd Falcone has 535 videos.

These are trainers that I learned from in the beginning.

If it wasn’t for their decades of combined experience, I would have done lots of stupid things in network marketing.

I would have committed many MLM mistakes such as:

  1. Kept joining new MLM companies because I thought it would “improve my luck.”
  2. Would have sent hate comments to anyone having success in network marketing.
  3. Would have quit after my first rep quit.
  4. Would have quit after my 10th rep quit.
  5. Would have quit after my 30th rep quit.
  6. Would have quit when I saw my first monthly check for $80
  7. Would have quit after I only got $200 my sixth month.
  8. Would have quit when I got a “used” iPad for winning a MLM contest.
  9. Would have quit when my first MLM company went down in flames.

You get the point.

Training and personal development is essential in network marketing.

As Jim Rohn said, “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

Or was that Zig Ziglar?

So, Why Do MLM Leaders Shoot So Many Videos?

There are several reasons MLMers do this. Here are the top 5 reasons:

1. No Time for One on One

When you get over a hundred distributors on your team, it is nearly impossible to speak and train each one individually.

I mean, you can try and be nice and accommodate everyone and let your health and business decline because you have no time for yourself, if you want to.

But, leaders are successful because of primarily time management and efficiency with their organization.

2. Able to Train Thousands at a Time

When your MLM explodes with growth, you will have hundreds of people reaching out to you with this and that.

Training videos are great to answer a lot of questions at one time and get the entire team aligned with your vision.

3. Your Video Presence Sparks Curiosity

People who are looking for a new network marketing business sometimes go to YouTube to look for a leader.

I know I did.

I found a company I liked, then went to YouTube and joined the guy with the most popular videos for that company.

It is pretty much guaranteed that if you click on the top video for a particular company and representative, you will join an active downline (unless the video is really outdated or the company went under).

4. Gets You Leads

If your videos keep showing up for “Recommended for you” to people looking into network marketing, you will get signups.

Also, the link you add beneath your videos is great for leads.

You can either lead them to your blog, or if you don’t have a blog, right to your landing page of your MLM.

5. Positions You as an Authority

The bottom line is network marketing leaders train. They do training because they want to see their company and paid affiliates succeed.

If everyone is on the same page, duplication happens a lot faster which turbocharges the growth of any MLM organization.

To Conclude: Why Network Marketing Leaders Do Training Videos for Their Team

Videos are a great way to not only generate leads around the clock, but it helps you build your team a lot faster.

I can think about a lot of network marketing companies, and what pops into my mind first is the main leader.

The main leader of a MLM company usually does a lot of video training.

If you feel like you don’t know enough, just read a couple chapters of “Go Pro” by Eric Worre and then shoot a 3 minute video talking about what you learned.

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