How to Recruit in Only 1 Hour a Day with MLM

Network Marketing Tips: How to Recruit Only One Hour a Day Seriously!

Network Marketing Tips: How to Recruit Only One Hour a Day Seriously!

If you are ever wondering if you have to work long hours prospecting your MLM, think again. Here is how to recruit one hour a day in network marketing.

Has someone in network marketing told you that you have to sit on Facebook all day and small talk strangers in chat to grow your MLM?

Do you visualize bugging strangers all day when someone mentions network marketing to you?

When I started network marketing, I wasn’t about to sit on Facebook all day, like so many other network marketers did.

I knew there was a better way, and something that didn’t take 12 hours a day to do like some MLMers did.

Here’s How to Recruit Only One Hour a Day in Network Marketing

Instead of joining the herd and stalking people on Facebook all day long and trying to shoot awkward Facebook Live videos to 3 viewers, I decided to blaze my own trail.

I knew that it would take longer to get results, but the results would be targeted, almost free leads, 24/7.

Do you want to know what it is that can get my recruiting down to literally one hour a day?

It is called: Blogging.

Yes, blogging!

Blog articles are like “crab pots.”

You write one and it goes out into the internet sea and slowly collects crabs (leads) while you sleep.

I wake up to several leads a day that have read one of my articles overnight and opted in to check out my business.

Some of the best leaders in my MLM business have come from reading my articles.

So, how much time do I spend on Facebook each day to grow my MLM?

I spent just 30 minutes daily on multi-level marketing recruitment.

And, that is just to say hello to my new reps.

Other than that, Facebook is a big time suck for most people.

I would rather be out sun tanning, not haunting new friends on Facebook with little “beat around the bush” questions.

Here is the Reality of Recruiting One Hour a Day


I have to tell you that blogging takes time to grow.

You are going to need to like to write.

If you hire a freelancer, they have to be really good, or no one will read your stuff. Or use ChatGPT and make edits to what it churns out.

Freelancers get expensive when you understand that you need at least 100 articles to start generating significant leads.

So, the free way is to write the articles yourself.

I am not saying quit your job or anything like that, but write at least one article Monday through Friday for the next two years.

How hard is that?

You go to a crappy job every day, probably for the next 30 years, so why not add a blog post in there and retire with network marketing in 3 to 5 years?

Need content ideas?


Add some of your interests into your business.

If you like golf, add some golf tips for network marketers.

Like music?

Add “rags to riches” stories from musicians into your network marketing articles.

Brainstorm 5 topics within network marketing you want to target.

If you’re a doctor and want doctors in your network marketing, write an article called “5 Reasons Doctors Need to Join Network Marketing.”

To Summarize: Network Marketing Tips: How to Recruit Only One Hour a Day Seriously

If you wrote 5 times a week for two years, you would have 520 articles, most of them would be generating leads for you if they have a proper “call-to-action” at the bottom of the article.

I use a button generator plugin called Max Buttons Pro, but you can just create a hyperlink with text also.

I wrote this particular blog post in only 45 minutes.

Blogging is not as hard as you think and it will save you a lot of time stalking people on Facebook!