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Marketing is a must for all entrepreneur and businesses that want to survive and thrive in the new economy! You can have the best business, product, service, or website out there but if nobody knows about it then what is the point? There is so much competition now in every niche from all around the world that you must differentiate yourself from the competitors with sound marketing strategies. You even have to market yourself with everything you do in business to stand out from countless people just like you. Marketing is a must for all businesses large and small! Marketing matters if you like making money.

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Marketing must be a major priority for your business. That is why Everything Entrepreneur is all about everything marketing, advertising, and branding. That information includes digital marketing and traditional offline marketing tactics. Enjoy our growing number of marketing articles from branding and advertising experts around the world:

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Master Your Marketing!

Major Marketing Matters

Traditional paid ads are for boomers in the era of modern marketing. Influencer marketing on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Threads, and Twitter is where to reach the next generation of consumers like Gen Y and Gen Z in 2023. Even Facebook is still a powerful marketing platform. Did you know? The number of monthly active Facebook users increased by about 3 million between October 2022 and January 2023. This information is excellent news for SaaS companies interested in running Facebook ads. If you are running a SaaS company and haven’t started using Facebook ads yet, you may miss out on a vast potential source of revenue, signups, and leads. Therefore, Facebook ads should still be vital to your SaaS marketing plan. They reach more Boomer and Gen X audiences than TikTok and Instagram, so Facebook ads should not be dismissed. But if you are going after younger users and leaders, read below to learn more about other more youthful platforms going into 2024.

Instagram is known as one of the best marketing platforms for this growing target market. With more than 2 billion active users, there is a high chance for your brand to be seen by the users. It is essential to know the best practices for a successful Instagram marketing strategy and to be able to develop one that fits your brand’s needs. Brand awareness is one of the essential factors for your business to grow. It helps your business to be recognizable and build trust. The more recognition your business gets, the more trust it earns, and more trust means more customers are willing to buy your products or services. Despite its growing users and popularity, Instagram still needs to regularly create updates. These updates are to improve Instagram users’ experience and also to compete with other social media platforms.

As a fast-paced social media platform, Twitter can be unpredictable, just ask Jack Dorsey or Elon Musk. But one thing that remains constant and you can count on is the Twitter algorithm. So, to boost your Twitter engagement, you should work with the algorithm. The key here is to be more active and consistent to gain visibility. TikTok has been hugely popular since its launch several years ago. TikTok is now available in 155 countries and 75 different languages in 2023. It is without a doubt that TikTok popularity provides global opportunities for your brand, as long as it does not get banned in too many more locations. There are VPN options anyways that will allow for TikTok to be used for marketing purposes regardless.

Email marketing also still works wonders as well with a high ROI. We are talking only 16% opens and 1% click rate for typical email newsletters with a hundred thousand recipients. Now look at the stats for my targeted outbound email campaigns for the same time period. Notice how all my targeted outbound emails are 2-3x the open rate and 5-10x the click rate compared to my in-house opt-in newsletter. Done correctly, targeted outbound emailing destroys conventional email newsletters on a performance basis. Yet 95% of businesses I speak to do “email newsletter marketing” and only 3-5% of them do targeted outbound emails.

Marketing Mastered

Marketing must be mastered with practice. You are a world class social media manager. You successfully create engaging content for platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and many others. Your content specifically focuses on engaging audiences to comment on your content. Maybe you have a social media strategy that worked well on Instagram, and you’re looking at TikTok. Is TikTok the same as Instagram? No it isn’t at all. But are there human beings on the other side of the device looking to be entertained, educated, or engaged? Yes that is the case, so don’t ever forget about making your marketing humane. Marketing matters magnificently! We will have many more marketing, advertising, and branding articles coming soon to the Everything Entrepreneur Blog from experts around the world!

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